HTC One M9 vs Apple iPhone 6

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HTC have had the time to analyze some of the M8’s opportunities and delivered a more refined product in its successor – the HTC One M9. Having seen what Apple has done with the iPhone 6, one can presume that the M9 will at least one-up its rival in some aspects, but does it really?…

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26 Comments on HTC One M9 vs Apple iPhone 6

  1. I have an HTC ONE M9.. It's an amazing phone.. It is faster and have many functions. It is expensive but nice.. HTC one m9 is the best… All my friends are jealous and at school it's me who have the HTC one m9 HAHA…

  2. you know what apple fans what is the point buying iPhone I mean it sucks just because everybody bought it it does not mean it's good what about the price it's unfair it's 600+ dolar holy shit and it is easy to be broken and its not customizeble apple really really sucks till the end of the world.

  3. hey man.I saw ur this video but I am astonished u r sain dat iphone 6 has less pixels den iphn I say dat u have to compare iphone 6s plusso u can see there father also has an iphn 6s plus.and its too sharp than all htc phn…the iphn 6s plus has an ios 9.2.0.that is so faster nd smmoother thn hts m9.m9 is toooooooooooo sloooooooooowwwww

  4. why do people keep buying iphones when they don't offer anything to customize like themes,and creative mixing of photos on the htc,or the everyday use of the ir blaster when you cant fund your remote or the dual speakers enhanced by dolby or the change if accent colours over the whole UI and even much more…and after all this someone will comment saying I choose Iphone because its smooth and reliable,..suck my dick apple fanCOCKs show me how you ll use SPEED AND RELIABILITY with a phone that has to be charged 5 times a day,battery is shit and at the end ios1 to io6 are the same ios7 to ios9 are the same!!!what are you people talking about? apple is garbage and thats what you should be called iSheep Suck my Dick apple fags
    1 to you and your shitty iphones and imacs :)

  5. I went from iOS to Android and it's the best decision I ever made has a lot more personalization better speakers by far and an all round good camera
    also it has easy more apps then the app store has and before people start saying I'm an Android fanboy I'm really not its my first Android phone and I have an iPad Air
    (BTW the phone I have is the HTC One M9

  6. M9 = 4 core 2.0 mhz with dedicated GPU.. I6 = 2 core 1.4 mhz w/no dedicated GPU.. LOL. This guys a IOS fan boy.. The M9 blows the I6 out of the water!!!

  7. This is by far one of the worst phone review I've ever watched… It's so biased towards to the iPhone. Probably not a good decision on PhoneArena's part to allow an iPhone junkie to review any phones.

  8. I do not want to sound like some android fanboy and cant look aside. I have the htc one m9 and I love it, I bought it as soon as it came out. My friends got an iphone 6 and I always love to outbattle them. I care about every phone I buy and look closely to comparisons, specs, design and the feel of the phone. I previousley had m7 which dominated the other phones at that year. It is clear that HTC One M7 is the best phone of 2013. Then 2014 came and showed us m8 which was like m7x2. It also got the title for best phone of the year. Now I bought M9 in hope that the M9 would follow its older brothers, and HTC did their best. But I just got to say that Samsung Galaxy S6 is far supperior than Iphone 6 and beats HTC One M9. I usually think samsung has a thick display with a bad camera, they are good in making durable casings though. S6 turned the samsung formula upside down and I think it is going to win the title for best phone of 2015 this year. Honestly Iphone is an overated product. The first reason most people buy it is because it is a popular phone, then afterwards you begin to look at the other facts of the phone and pretend buying it because it is popular never was one of your reasons. I had my fair share of Iphones and I still love HTC for what they have given us, but samsung galaxy S6 has the advantage and is probably going to stun us again next year.

  9. M9 daha iyi (az bi farkla) Ama ben M9 u bir amiral gemisi gibi görmüyorum amk açıkçası… M8, M9 dan daha iyi… M9 u boşu boşuna çıkarmış htc bence… Ama iPhone 6 çok şık duruyo be abi!! Hem daha havalı parmak izi kilidi falan…

  10. seriously, this dude is so biased it's not even funny. That guy has to be severely blind if he can't spot a difference between 720p and 1080p screen. iphonearena will even tell you that when s6 gets 90% user votes for better camera the conclusion can be only that both have really good cameras.

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