HTC One M9 – Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

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Here’s a quick walk through of the HTC One M9 including almost all of the Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features. This video will help new users as well as advanced users to learn more about the device.

One More Tip for New Users : Press the Down Volume and Power Button together to take a screenshot.

HTC One M9 – Gaming Test :

HTC One M9 Unboxing :

HTC One M9 v iPhone 6 Plus vs Note 4 : Camera Comparision coming up ! Stay tuned ­čÖé

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35 Comments on HTC One M9 – Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

  1. my first android was samsung galaxy s2, then i bought sony xperia z2. now i want either htc m9 or iphone 6. should i change phone or am better off with the z2?´╗┐

  2. Another tip if you double tap the screen in sleep mode it turns the screen on, so the power button on the side you use only have to when actually turn it on.´╗┐

  3. Great video! Very cool and useful info.but I'm having an issue with changing my keyboard color,I've tried different themes and I can't seem to customize that,its gray now,and I'd like any other color,but aside from that this video was very informative.´╗┐

  4. One major irritation with the M9 is the power/sleep button now being placed on the side ; this leads to frequent accidental blank screens due to the slightest touch on the button while holding the phone , turning from portrait to landscape etc.At the top of the phone it was out of the way but easy to reach when required.´╗┐

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