HTC One M9+ (& S6 Plus!)

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HTC One M9 Plus & Galaxy S6 Plus! The extra flagship returns. Plus is the new Prime.

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31 Comments on HTC One M9+ (& S6 Plus!)

  1. I think the reason why they distribute phones like that in China would be the fact that China is a bigger market for HTC. Let me explain:

    In the US, everybody pretty much uses an iPhone or a Galaxy S6/S6 Edge or something like that-and the market is nearly fully saturated. In China, it's still (pretty much) an open market. Apple is making huge strides, but the market isn't anywhere near saturated-in fact, it is very much in its growth stage. This is especially true in the premium phone market. As such, HTC is angling for those people.

    One of the biggest selling factors for a premium phone would be the "bragging rights"-and being able to say that your phone is something that the Americans can't get is a pretty awesome bragging right. But then they must be able to differentiate that phone from the ones being sold in the States: this is why you get phones like this.

    Just my own two cents

  2. Wrong, you can tap the fingerprint sensor and it works like a home button, and you can wake the device by tapping it, you can also just hold your finger there and it will unlock straight from black screen.

  3. it sucks that the 9+ won't be available in the states, would've been nice since the m9 was a complete let down. oh well, in looking forward to my v10.

  4. HTC M9plus is garbage

    1) no fast charging
    2) battery drains fast
    3) camera is poor
    4) battery malfunctions a lot

    if you're on a budget go for one plus 2 or try Samsung S6 and LG G4

  5. Don't know which to get: M9, G4 or S6… I'm leaning towards G4 because of it's camera and removable storage and battery, but how big is the difference between S808 vs S810 and the Exynos chip in the Samsung. I currently use a Samsung but my Note 3 has some hardware issues (camera vibratiom) so I'm a bit distrusting of their quality control.

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