HTC One M9 Revisited: 3 Months Later (What Went Wrong)

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We are revisiting the HTC One M9, successor to the popular and critically-acclaimed HTC One M8. When designing the HTC One M9, HTC went with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. It features the same brushed aluminum build construction, BoomSound stereo speakers, 1080p display, Sense 7 UI, and mediocre camera. How do you like the HTC One M9? What would you change?

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39 Comments on HTC One M9 Revisited: 3 Months Later (What Went Wrong)

  1. I presume this is applicable to the m9 also…

    Jeff Gordon, HTC’s global communications manager:

    'That black area with the HTC logo on M8? Underneath is a huge amount of circuitry, antennae, etc. It’s not “empty” by any means.'

    — Jeff Gordon (@urbanstrata)

  2. The M9 is actually a way better phone than a lot of the reviews gave it credit for being. At first I was disappointed that it looked so much like the M8, but I understand why they didn't feel the need to change the look a lot. I mean, look how long the Galaxy S line has looked identical on the front.

  3. Everything wrong with HTC's software is visible in the first shot of this video. Look up at the status bar. ALMOST ALL of it is filled with icons. Not notifications, status icons. Compare that to stock android which only has about 30% of the status bar filled with indicator icons.

  4. the black bar is where alot of the screen components are housed. the BoomSound speakers are great, but they take up ALOT of room. the black bar isn't going anywhere soon.

  5. having my m9 replaced as its got so hot recently it's stopped charging. I'm a HTC fanboy and it's a shocking phone for reliability. the stupid placement of the side power button is crap. scrap the side button go back to top power button I could click it just fine on every other HTC I owned and now all you do is try to change volume and lock ur phone all the time it's terrible also the camera is so so hit and miss it makes me miss my m7 at least that took a great shot every click unlike this sub par pile of crap. not a happy consumer

  6. Ok. Seriously lets talk about this thing. The only thing I use a phone camera for is to send my friends something to laugh at, perfectly fine for that (btw we as a society take way too many picture of really stupid crap. live you life don't document it). Battery life could be better but on the 2 yr cycle anyone who liked the M7 should jump at this phone. Great refinement of what makes the HTC one good. Solid phone. If you are on of those annoying Instagram people, no this is not for you. For people who want a day of battery life, great call, great app running and reliable android this is an excellent choice. I love it.

  7. I don't get why people keep crying about the HTC logo under the screen on top of the speaker. I love it there! It shows what brand it is so as to not get it confused with a gay iPhone or S6 lol this phone is the best and the battery life is great! The only downside is the camera which I do agree needs to improve but me being a photographer…I know how to work with what I've got and I take great pictures with it. The only ones crying are all novices.

  8. Which of the current phones, S6 M9 or G4, is the best all around?  Also, how do their mics perform for calls and in louder situations like at a concert or in a loud bar with a band or something.  Nobody seems to rate the most important aspect of a phone anymore: the actual phonecall quality.  lol

  9. 1. Remove the black HTC bezel. We want thinner bezel. Don't want to waste the space for useless thick bezel.
    2. Remove two front facing speakers honestly who need those? plug in the earphone and it's done. many bluetooth speaker out there for punchy base and better songs quality. On top speaker location place HTC Logo and for the bottom speaker location, place with home key and finger print security.
    3. Put back the sony sensor and optical image stabilization.
    4. Very important needed to listen! Put back the HTC selling point Beats Audio. (without beats audio no one will purchase HTC in the future)
    5. UI is boring change to little bit more interesting.
    6. Keep up the good work for build quality. But don't stay in comfort zone. You need to look out for Turing phone with best build quality as well as the best security.

  10. Truly I think bloat ware killed this phones performance with the AT&T variant. My experience with it was just lots of lag and battery dropping 3% every ten mins. Had to use extreme power save just to get through the day. I loved the M8, especially the Google Play edition. But honestly if it wasn't for carrier bloat were most phones would run better. Always had the opinion that if we really wanted any of those apps we'd download them. Don't know if it was just my experience but custom ROMs were the only way I could get a halfway decent experience out of it. And yes the camera is terrible, but somewhat better from the M8 and definitely the M7, I think we all remember that purple tint. 

  11. I can't believe he said the home widget "doesn't work well." I have the m9, and I can tell you the widget works amazingly. I didn't plan on using it when I first got the phone but.. I pulls up the apps I use when at home, on the go, and at work.. This guy didn't even use the phone enough for it to get to know his schedule. 

  12. I have the M8 and personally I really like the HTC logo at the bottom. Every tech channel that reviews phones always gripes about it but idk it looks classy to me and it's really not that big of a deal considering the screen is still 5 inches. I agree the bezels could be smaller but the logo at the bottom is not that big of a deal, jesus christ

  13. I would at least add ois. The camera is not that bad at all. But it definitely needs ois. That the one main issue in my opinion. Sure I would rather have a bigger better display, better processor, better locations for the power and volume rockers. But those issues are still fine. My m9 gets warm.. sometimes really warm but it has never actually overheated and warned me or shut down. And of course I would like to see the black bar gone and more screen real-estate. I always have. But after actually owning it and using it the black bar bothers me none. I thought the design was old news but I still love it and prefer it over any other phone by far. And boom sound is the best feature I ever had on a phone. All phones should have front facing speakers. But the m9 seriously should have had ois.

  14. I use many smartphones, because every phone has different advantages, and no one is perfect. A common problem is the battery life (the only phone I use that doesn't have this problem is my Note 4, because with 100% brightness, data connection, bluetooth, NFC and GPS turned on all day, it lasts me between 4h and 6h 30m of screen on time, usually it lasts me 5h, and in addiction I can use a second battery that I always have with me, so the battery here is not a problem); using many phones helps to save battery on other phones when using one of them, so I don't even have to charge all of them everyday. The phones I use are:

    – HTC One M9: my main phone, for phone calls, messages and social networks
    – Samsung Galaxy S6: my other main phone (when the M9 battery dies), and also my universal phones, that I use for everything I do with all the other phones (camera, music, productivity, gaming…) when I don't have them with me
    – Sony Xperia Z3+: I use it only as a music player, the sound is very high quality thanks to the integrated sound processing and integrated noise reduction
    – Google Nexus 6: my gaming phone, performance are great, and having a big screen and stereo speakers makes it the perfect phone for gaming
    – Samsung Galaxy Note 4: my productivity phone, that use for browsing the web and accessing all the documents I have on Google Drive, I use the S Pen a lot
    – LG G4: my camera phone

    These phones aren't perfect, but I use the best that every one has to offer, I think it's the best solution

  15. Update three year old design, lose the black bar, include a better sensor, and include the same features (or more) than the competition ie a fingerprint scanner. Why would people be inclined to spend the same amount on a phone with less features?

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