HTC One M9 Review – Should You Upgrade?

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HTC One M9 android smartphone review, the One M9 is the flagship android device by HTC the successor to the popular HTC One M8, the new M9 is powered by a Snapdragon 810 chipset with a Octa Core 64 bit processor has 3 GB RAM a 20.7 MP rear facing camera with 4K video recording support and in this video I do a in-depth review with pros & cons so that you can decide if the HTC One M9 is for you and if you already have the One M8 is it a good upgrade.

In India HTC did not launch this HTC One M9 till now, but launched the HTC One M9 Plus

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35 Comments on HTC One M9 Review – Should You Upgrade?

  1. some of the youtubers showed that Htc one M9 have some problems like over heating and back camera resolution? it is true? let me know. i have planned to buy htc one m9. should i buy? 

  2. Hi Ranjeet
    I have a decision to make I'm an iphone 6 user and wanted to buy a new smart phone I'm confused if I should go for HTC M9 or the LG G4, I don't want to go for S6 due to Samsungs laggy performance… I have used HTC M8 previously and very much satisfied with its performance. I'm specifically looking for a slick performance phone and the LG G4 chip is compromising could u please suggest….

  3. Your videos are clumsy, to say the least. Some other guy said MKBHD does better videos(which he obviously does); instead of getting offended you should take it positively. Keep it short, keep it spot on. 

  4. Hello +ranjit kumar bro. I don't know you reply me or not, but it might help me if you you give me a suggestion for buying a good device within Rs 23000. I would like to buy A5. Is it worth buying? Please don't suggest One+1.

  5. Sir im thinking of buying Oneplus One but i have heard about it has many problems
    Can u give me some suggestion whether Oneplus One is good to buy or not and suggest me some other good phones at same range…

  6. My budget is 8000 – 15000 . Can u please suggest me which phone to buy. I have gone through the flipkart reviews regarding the heating issues of Lenovo A7000. Can u suggest me which phone to buy?

  7. Hello Ranjit I have seen the reviews in flipkart regarding the heating issues of Lenovo A7000. I think u used the phone for three odd weeks. suggest me which phone to buy…… Lenovo7000? Or anything else?

  8. i could not understand the point of reviewing htc one m9 when htc has already the launched htc one m9+ in india. no unboxing video or hands on video from you or ash +C4ETech . will request if you people can do so and a review video too.

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