HTC One M9+ Review!

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Is the One M9+ HTC’s true flagship? We find out, in this comprehensive HTC One M9+ review!

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40 Comments on HTC One M9+ Review!

  1. worse processor, bigger, but unnoticable resolution, same camera, dual camera, bigger screen, and finlly the only "big" plus a fingerprint scanner. Why exactly is this a plus version. Because it is 0.2 inches bigger?

  2. I'm living in Dubai rightnow over here I went to HTC authorized Dealer both the M9 and M9+ were available but simple M9 costs 2100 dirhams and M9+ costs 1700 Dirhams and that is just because of CHIPSETS dat M9+ is cheap because it's using MediaTec Chipset lol

  3. Come on… I bought an M9+ and it's amazing! It stands good in games, doesn't lag even a bit and the baterry is quite decent… It's not a bad phone, but I also think that Mediatek's processor is worse than Snapdragon

  4. I dropped HTC after enduring the camera abortion on the m7. I never ever want to be dragged through that after buying any top shelf phone.
    Good to see HTC still cannot get their $hit together.
    It's not too difficult to figure out what people expect in a top end phone.
    A top end camera.
    Fast charge.
    A high end processor.
    A great screen.
    Enough ram to multitasking with ease.
    They drop the ball on almost every point.
    So glad I went V10.

  5. dont' buy htc phone never never never i buy htc desire 826 and my total money was wasted so much hanging problems camara problem and to much heating problems do not buy htc phone ever don't waste your money

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