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The HTC One M9 review is here. HTC has had a great two years with their One line: The One M7 proved that Android flagships could be made out of premium materials, and the One M8 built on the M7 in every single way to make it the best Android flagship of 2014. Now we have the HTC One M9, a phone trying to improve the experience of the One M8.

Packed with a new octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, and a much larger camera sensor, is it enough to upgrade current M8 users? Find out in our review.

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  1. I have an iPhone 6+, but I'm ready to leave apple. I am getting a windows laptop and I love the thought of a windows phone, so should I wait for the Htc to come out with the M9 for Windows or just go ahead and get the M9? Thanks in advance for your replies/comments!

  2. I got an M8 for free from my company as my work phone and I loved it so much that I got a M9 for my personal phone. For someone like myself who basically never takes pictures with a cellphone camera, and mainly uses their phone for things like bluetooth audio, voice mail and texting…this phone is fantastic. Honestly, I probably never would have known the camera sucked so bad if I hadn't watched all these reviews. Also, I'm someone who really likes customization, and I haven't found another phone that lets you customize so many aspects from the individual background types to the icons.

  3. Why is everyone all hard over the camera? It's one dull point. Sure it might not be "professional" like an iPhone or GS6 but I'm sure the camera gets the job done just fine. The camera isn't the sole deciding factor on getting a PHONE. It's not like any Joe Blow can go be a millionaire photographer with a PHONE. Get over yourselves… Seriously haha!

  4. Do htc m9 china made is good or posible refleca?anyone can give idea..i plan 2 buy new gudget and as of now usuall i saw was made in china here in ksa..thanks to any reply..

  5. I don't buy phones for their cameras I buy them for their functionality and performance and no phone performs like the HTC Ones M7 thru M9. I mean no lag no hiccups just pure performance I don't really ever use a phone camera unless I really need to and it's not that bad the M9 is a beast does what I need to do and fast that's my thoughts on it.

  6. After using m9 for weeks, I do think this 20mp camera can take superb photos with good definition and color accuracy, but…… except in the low light conditions.

  7. I have the HTC one Max. The phone and the software are very good. The longevity in the battery is great! The speakers are amazing on this phone. The battery life is wonderful. I can get two to three days on this phone averaging 8 hrs or a little more a day. I love the ability of expansion of my memory card. I see so many phones going away from this. Sadly, the one feature I am disappointed with as well is the camera. No M9 for me. I will wait and see what the next HTC will be. Hopefully a quality camera that matches the quality of the other features the HTC gives its customers. Thanks for the honest review?

  8. Still talking like a stiff twee reporter: "Thee processor…" ".  .  is in no way ayy low number," "one of thee finest smartphones out there," "ayy really nice user experience,"

  9. Guys, need your HELP, I currently own an s3 and need to upgrade ASAP but don't know where to go s6 or m9??? (a bit suspicious abt Samsung devices cuz of it lags nd touch wiz 😛 don't know what to do )

  10. Nice review.  I'm curious though.  Is the Camera just plain bad or is it just not up to par with the competition?  Would you be willing to post full sized photos out of the camera with EXIF info?  I'm really considering this phone and the camera is the crux.

  11. +PhoneDog thank you for a great review. And thanks for being fair and not giving credit to irrelevant specs. I have worked a wireless retailer that sales phones for all major carriers( I'm sure you can guess who) for 5 years. And most customers get mad when u ask them to squint to see the difference between qhd and 1080. And they have an even harder time noticing the "faster" processor compared to 2014 phones.

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