HTC One M9 Review

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One year later, one year wiser, HTC is hoping that its latest effort is enough to do justice in the always-competitive high-end smartphone space. With more and more competition looming on the horizon, the M9 needs to succeed valiantly in order to contain its place amongst the elites…

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38 Comments on HTC One M9 Review

  1. with a 5" screen, a 4K resolution is utterly pointless, all it does is drain the battery even more. With a 1080p screen, you wont notice the difference, or even any pixels until you hold the screen right up to your eyeball

  2. I have the m9 is hard to send video messages without having to download a second app can you help me with this problem please will have any suggestions I watch your shows all of the time on YouTube

  3. One day someone will come out with a full 4k screen, anything less and people like you will be saying, '' Its a pity its only got QHD'' . I think 1080p is more than enough for a 5 inch screen.

  4. Yo John, I'm gonna be switching phones soon and I haven't touched this series of phones. Would I be better going with the M8 since it's like 199 bucks cheaper at Best Buy? If it's like this in the review, I don't know as if I should upgrade to an inferior model for $200

  5. If it wasn't for the Droid Turbo, this would have been my pick.  I love HTC, but there was just something Motorola did to the Droid Turbo that made me not want to wait for the M9.

  6. this guy is bitching at htc for not giving out qhd display.. qhd display is retarded while weknow that our eyes can not differentiate between 1080p and qhd on a 5 inch display.. 

  7. 1. It's based on low tech, 2, not have changed since previous model, 3. same old Android phone 4. Too bulky and thick and heavier than other phones out there. 5. Design stayed same as before > It's flop. I think Chinese ran out of idea after copying too much.

  8. Hey man do you happen to use Microscope while using your phone? Because I don't see any other use of a QuadHD screen on that tiny screen. BTW I have a 1080p Projector which projects on a 100 inch screen which looks pretty sharp unless you are sitting next to screen.

  9. You're an dumb.. just for you they can't give a qhd display -.- they have to look for the battery consumption also .. Samsung is shit.. why don't you say this iPhone makers. Coz u got no guts to speak against it.. screen is fine.. you can't even make out the difference above 300 ppi .. please clear you're facts properly dude.. 

  10. i stopped watching when he said it needed a higher resolution screen. That's just wrong, because this screen is just bad. It has nothing to do with the pixel density, but rather with the very low contrast and bad colors on the M9.

  11. I am thinking if I should buy this, Butterfly 2 or Desire HD. I would have bought the Butterfly 2 a long time ago, but the thing is that it does not have a Gorilla Glass display and its keeping me from buying this device.

  12. They can still tweak the 20mp with software updates, and a software type ois in the future. That may be their plan anyway. They have already sent out some software updates for the m9 to straighten the camera up for reviewers.

  13. They should have just kept ultra pixel, and upped it to 8. That would have gave them better detail in photos, and kept the low light performance. Then kept ois, and the other basic software setup. I really like the ultra pixel, with my m8, it does lack detail sometimes. My wife has a cannon rebel and I have got some photos that look better.

  14. Very in depth review, thank you. So far I like it. Better than the first one I watched. I was convinced I don't want this phone, coming from the m8. But I could definitely use a brighter screen for watching Netflix in my car. Sometimes I can't even see the screen at full brightness, and I'm like didn't I just turn it all the way up! Funny you say the screen looks a lot colder, the first review I watched said the screen looks a lot warmer. I bet I wouldn't mind. It all really comes down to the camera. Which so far seems like it sucks.

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