HTC One M9 – Is the One still my #1?

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Has the HTC One once again delivered a game changer to the smartphone market with the M9 as they did with the M7? Or is this new phone a step in the wrong direction…

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47 Comments on HTC One M9 – Is the One still my #1?

  1. the issue i have with htc is their lack of support. they dont update based on if the hardware can manage, but instead, based on a 2 year cutoff. so, if you bought their high end phone, and it has the specs to run, say android 6, they still wont give you an update, even if your hardware can handle it.

  2. IMO, the only bad thing happened to this phone is, almost all the bloggers who trashed this phone in their review. Come on, we have seen S3, S4 and G3. M9 is not that bad as these devices. Agree that camera wasn't so good in taking pictures out of the box, But HTC did fixed the issue, But the so called Intelligent bloggers had done the damage.

  3. the highest selling points for me in this phone is the snap dragon 810 and the front facing stereo speakers, but I agree with the can, it's the best one I have had but yeah as Linus said… the s6 exists XD… overall I am happy with the phone and feels good to handle.

  4. Some points are just incorrect and stupid. slow shutter speed? it's always been insanely fast except for low light. and the camera lens is made of sapphire glass. So it must be a defective unit mine is still intact after heavy drops.

  5. i completley disagree with your last point on the physical volume and power buttons

    they SHOULD be on opposing sides, they just shouldn't be DIRECTLY opposing, a good example of good placement is the GS3, you don't accidently press volume instead of power, or vice versa, but at the same time, you never have to move your hand to reach the buttons, it's all placed exactly as ones fingers would naturally do so

  6. This phone is reminiscent of the porsche 911. The changes are subtle yet clever. I thought the M7 was a timeless design. It felt more 'adult' than the samsung, apple and LG offerings. I went to upgrade a few days ago. And that hasn't changed. I think it's the perfect size for a phone, while everyone else is pushing Galaxy note dimensions. Specs are all comparable. Camera isn't perfect but it's an improvement over the M7.

  7. I used to own the HTC M8 and I loved it minus the camera. It did pump out some good shots but exposure was all over the place and Battery Life was so-so in my experience. I was hoping the M9 would've improved on the camera at least. Battery life isn't a huge deal with Quickcharge 2.0. I ended up switching to the LG G4. I miss the heft and metal build of the HTC but the camera and battery life are a ton better. I use Nova Launcher Prime on either since I don't care for either LG's UI or HTC sense.. However Sense is better as a stock skin IMO

  8. He makes this phone sound shit … I have one and id pick it over an iphone or a samsung anyday.. This phone is way better than he makes it out to be!

  9. You are a very bad phone reviewer , the back glass on the camera of the m9 is actually sapphire glass , and the phone is still one of the best looking smartphones stop being like that and do a fair review without a skin and with real information from good sources .

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