HTC One M9 Impressions!

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HTC One M9 feels like One M8s. And that’s not a bad thing.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Hands-On:

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Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


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  1. I love it when the new stock phone has already installed the features I have on my current phone. The widget for different apps based on location, ect. ect. Good play HTC.

  2. I've owned an M8 for a year now and I have NEVER been annoyed by the chin in any way whatsoever. When the screens on you stop looking at it and focus on the rest of the phone. Plus, for BoomSound, it's worth it. 

  3. i absolutely love my HTC One m7. Until i broke it trying to fix it. It was a wonderful phone. I had no complaints about it and im sure many other M7 users can agree. I really wish they would go back to that M7 look instead of these long fillets on each corner. Honestly if they Upgraded the camera, bumped the specs, got a screen between 1080 and 2k (1440p obviously but i dont know if thats even been heard of) and bumped the battery on the M7. then they could  EVEN KEPT kept the size of the phone and streched out the screen to make it almost like a "edgeless" screen on the sides id be beyond happy with htc. Just because all these phone companies make there phones bigger doesnt mean that they look better. People with small hands, like girls, dont like that. i personally have big hands but a person with smaller hands would find them selves moving the phone around a lot in there hands and no one wants to do that. hense keeping that M7 look and size. I still like it tho:)

  4. My HTC one m8 have gotten HTC sense 7 and it looks pretty awesome. I love that HTC has given the m8 the new look that had been given on the m9. Now I don't have to push myself about rushing to get the m9. Thanks HTC.

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