HTC One M9 Gaming Review with temp check (in 50 fps)

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HTC One M9 gaming review with popular games like Dead Trigger 2, Asphalt 8, Leo’s fortune and Modern Combat 5 so that you can judge the gaming performance of HTC One M9 I also test the temp after gaming in this review.

HTC One M9 Unboxing & Overview

34 Comments on HTC One M9 Gaming Review with temp check (in 50 fps)

  1. hello sir,
     u are doing a great job and i follow almost every video of yours,,.. 1 thing i want to say is that, almost in every videos u say that its getting hot and all… till now every video have this statement (so far i have watched)… is their any handset according to u which doesnt get hot??? and if no then should we even take it under consider ??
    u help us a lot!!keep up d gud work sir.

  2. Lol my nexus 5 goes up to 50 just watching YouTube after the lollipop update don't know why Even for simple games it crosses 50 and thermal throttles and CPU power goes down to 1.19 GHz or became useless after update anyways great video

  3. Overall looks like the 810/430 paired with an 1080p display it's the wining combo for gaming, really waiting for the z4. Great videos by the way.

  4. Why don't you use an fps counter? And please confront qhd smartphones vs fhd smartphones with same gpus to see if qhd in fact affect performance in gaming

  5. +Ranjit Kumar i have been following your gaming review videos alot..i have played asphalt 8 alot(literally more than most people can think of)..i just wanted to suggest that if you want to test a mobile's graphic gaming capabilities ,try "TOKYO" instead of "ICELAND"…Bcoz the latter in less graphic intense than the first one …the first one is really better for reviewing purpose…

  6. Hey there! Could you please tell me which one of these is better in gaming? HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z3/Compact, Motorola Moto X (2nd gen) or Samsung Galaxy S5? Which one of them is best for gaming?

  7. This is a frikin beast, no doubt. Every game looks flawless 100% of the time!!! About being warm – I CAN HANDLE THE HEAT unless it's uncomfortable, but I have no idea how 41c feels. Dell XPS, and all MackBooks are designed do dissipate heat this way, thought their aluminium. If you feel the heat throughout your M9 ;), that means the cooling system works, and the heat isn't trapped around the battery, (I have to have a look at detailed design, searching teardown vids…) Yeah, definitely a great design, unlike plastic, metal relieves the system of heat much more efficiently and quickly, preventing the chance of battery damage, now this says nothing about the chipset if it is truly the overheating kind, at LEAST HTC has found a way to deal with that heat. Now is it uncomfortable? I have no idea how it feels yet. These chipset's don't come with fans. nVidia X1 + HTC, I wish.

  8. Lolz all these guys who bought M9 from outside and wanted to post a review have eggs on their faces now.

    Should have waited for htc to release the phone here.

    And now, they have released the M9+ instead….. Lolz 

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