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A Quick Unboxing and Hands on Review of the new One M9 from HTC : Check out our new Channel and Subscribe. catch us on Facebook catch us on Instagram follow us on Twitter – like our Facebook page! – Catch us on Google Plus

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32 Comments on HTC One M9 First Unboxing and Hands on Review – iGyaan

  1. Im honestly really disappointed in this phone. I have the M7 right now and I really love my phone but of course I want to upgrade this year since my contract is up. I was looking forward to getting this phone but it looks like nothing's changed. The design to me is not that big of a deal, but the camera didn't even change that much, even HTC sense looks boring af. I'm the type of person who loves a phone where I can use it a year later and still find something cool about it. The camera features aren't even cool? Wtf am  I gonna do with a bunch of triangles on my pictures? How about change those damn filters and add some cool effects that blur the background or sharpen the background or something. Anything but that damn pink, overly contrasted filter that no one uses.

  2. In comparison with the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 or 6 Plus is really awful. Especially the the build quality of the iPhone sixes really goes to hell, with on the other hand this scratch free amazingness of the M9 lives in heaven!  

  3. The phone actually doesnt seem bad but i wish the camera was better. It doesnt separate it self that much from the m7 and m8. Which to me makes no sense in buying it might as while buy the m8 which has the same quality camera for dirt cheap at this point.

  4. For all u fucks complaining abt the m8 and m9.. go complain to apple for making the same gay phones every time.. htc is fuckin boss, iphones are just the same shit every time

  5. I think they have gone back to the look of the m7, except the camera and flash are squier, instead of circular, my m7 is sense 6 and lollipop 5.0.2 and with all the extra features that i have gotten, with upgrade i don't think the m9 is that impressive, it is a beautiful phone,but considering i have samsung note 3 also, i would sooner stick with my upgraded, m7 instead of going out i'm getting the m9

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