HTC One M9 First Look

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All the features of the new HTC One M9

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  1. The IPhone 6 fingerprint scanner is a superb feature and it has an AWESOME movie editors. However, I've had the HTC One M7 and M8 now and they just have a sleeker and more refined feel. They're also more versatile and customizable, and the blink feed is a top notch feature for getting the latest news. So, Iphone 6 or M9? Depends on the person.

  2. OMG who picked the music. It's like saying I wanna be futuristic but make other people confused with it. There is no flow to it melody. Note that I'm a big fan of house, club, and techno, or other futuristic themed music. But this one … makes a good device looks mediocre.

  3. This phone is probably at terrible as the HTC M8.  I have never broken a phone screen in my life this screen broke twice at a distance from my wrist to my elbow.  BEWARE OF HTC!!!

  4. M9 is good phone, but its camera is a fail…
    Why even so much megapixels, 20.7 is too much, you could've just go to like 8 or 10, 12mp, with this high mp pictures come out with lots of noise and not even looking real…don't even want to talk about 4k recording, just awful (camera changing focus every second)
    I just wonder will you try to fix that with a new update

  5. Dear HTC, to make the phone more funky you could use removable stickers that will be a nice combination with the phones theme and you guys need to have more stuf for the phone like self designable dotview cases or something else like samsung and apple. I hope you understand what i mean.

  6. nice try HTC but not this time galaxy s6 is much better it has better proccessor better cameras better screens faster it has wirless charging and i don't care about sd card i can buy 128 gb and samsung is not in only for the money you seam to be jealous nice try htc one M8S and if you are talking about 20 mp rear cam some people has tested the cam and we saw the rosulotion i am getting only samsung not the stupid htc one m8s

  7. I was hoping that it would come with an 8 ultrapixel front facing camera. Oh well, will have to wait and see how the 20mp camera works out.

    It's crazy coz' my M7 is still working great. That says a lot about the build quality of the phone.

  8. Bought m7  since launch, best device I ever used at that time, changed to m8 mostly for the dot case and knock future, but as I see I could have stayed to m7 all along, nothing to really "push" you to replace it to m8 or m9. You need to come up with something better.

  9. I won't be upgrading this year like I do every year HTC. First, I had to buy a gunmetal colored M8 from Sprint because someone at HTC thinks it's okay to give certain carriers a right to a specific color of phone. Second, why buy an M9 when I'm going to get Sense 7 on my M8? The phones are exactly the same aside from the M9's camera which has received horrible reviews. How do you tell the difference between the M9 or M8? The M9 is the one that will be too hot to handle thanks to rumors the phone will overheat.

  10. You guy's are gonna suck at making phones again. What happened seriously did you all get a different owner thumbs down all day. It seems like you are in a hurry that you had to ruin your reputation. #lame

  11. Amazing!!! I'm fan of this brand I get the m7 and I can say that it's the best and strongest mobile I have had. My friends already change their mobiles as they bought samsung, iphone, lg by the time I had bought and their telephones are damage but my one m7 still have with me like new. I'm looking forward to get this m9!!!

  12. I have the HTC desire 816….. I love the size and I think the BoomSound on here is great but I feel like the m9s BoomSound must be something crazy….. Should I get the m9? I also really want the lollipop update 

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