HTC One M9 – After The Buzz, Episode 50

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The HTC One M9 is the smartphone that nearly killed HTC.

Okay … maybe that’s a little hyperbolic, but not by much. After the revolutionary design shift of the original HTC One and its excellent sequel the One M8, people were expecting a lot out of the One M9 … and instead HTC delivered an iterative sequel with an almost identical design for the same lofty price – just as its rival Samsung launched the most appealing Galaxy S in years. The result was a sales slump that lasted until the release of the radically different One A9 this fall. But with the One M9 still on store shelves (and still at its original price!) as we go into the holiday season nine months after its release, is it still a solid buy? Join Michael Fisher with Pocketnow to find out in episode 50 of After The Buzz.


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36 Comments on HTC One M9 – After The Buzz, Episode 50

  1. guys ebay sales M9 for around 270 euro, i know it's the last years model, but since i dont have the money to upgrade every year or so [i might even keep it for 3-4 years] will it be a good purchase? [btw i dont mind the mediocre camera, am more into sound]. only thing i care is if it's lag-free and future proof

  2. i have same htc one m9 in Silver on gold trim and i've noticed dat it's volume down button is more flushed than it's volume up i mean volume buttons are'nt equal but working fine other dan dat it's very fast and snappy with no lags and gaming is fantasting with it's boomsound

  3. I like my Htc m9. I upgraded from the m7 its alot faster but after using the nexus 6P i already want to change. charge times take to long even with fast charge , camera is just bad when i look at images on my 42 inch screen from holidays. The battery goes so fast i could get 2 days off my m7. i just down right upset. but i will say the movie watching on netflix is nice with bigger screen and speakers

  4. the M9 is perfect, it only fails in the eyes of those that compare it. I love mine and couldn't see myself carrying anything else. I've contemplated purchasing another for the future for backup.

  5. I got my M9 first day it was available, loved it for a few weeks, then realized how quickly it overheats. It get very warm during group text. The battery life is pretty crap and the camera is meh, for a $650 it has been disappointing. I upgraded from a Experia Z first gen, so I usually keep my phones for a while, no reason to spend money if I don't need to. I will gladly pay the penalty to get rid of this phone. That said I am currently upgrading to Andriod 6. If that magically solves the issues major issues with this phone, then great, I will keep it. but I doubt it

  6. I have the HTC one m9. It's just meh. The build quality of the phone is mediocre as heck! After merely a few months I have a small portion of the screen separating from the body of the device! And this is supposedly a flagship?

  7. after watching this video, I still bought this phone for 389$ 32gb version. after realizing that the nexus 6p is technically the same thing with snapdragon 810 and adreno 430. the only difference is it has 4k screen , a fingerprint reader, and a better camera. once the m9 gets marshmallow it's gonna get faster, so 389$ for a phone that sounds good, and have same specs as newer phones is not that bad.

  8. I had an HTC one M8, and I was so excited because at the time, it was absolutely the best phone when it came out, when it's competition was Touchwiz on the lackluster Galaxy S5. My favorite part about the phone was the "HTC software update 90 day guarantee"… Which was pretty much flushed down the toilet as soon as the one M9 came out. And that was the downfall of my HTC as the phone started deteriorating from there; increasingly worse battery life, insane amounts of lag even after rebooting device, and then the speakers just fizzled out. And the camera… Cool at first, and then just disappointing. The software was also inconsistent, with Sense 7 being the new eye catching feature, until they delayed it and I was still waiting for the update. So for my birthday last month, I made the switch to iPhone 6s, and I gotta say I love it. And this is coming from an android user for years now, the software experience is very polished, the camera is amazing, and force touch is awesome!

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