HTC One (M8) vs iPhone 5s

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The new HTC One (M8) has proven itself to be one great device. It’s HTC’s latest flagship and is packed with the latest technology, including a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM and a new Duo Camera setup that allows you to refocus a photo after taking it. The One (M8) also has design and build quality on its side, which also happen to be two of the iPhone 5s’ strongpoints. So what happens when you pit these two against one another? Watch the video above and find out! Visit for all the latest cell phone news, reviews, and more.

43 Comments on HTC One (M8) vs iPhone 5s

  1. The thing android fanboys never talk about is the Play store. I think the stores are way more important than the phones that use them.
    I use Apple for most things except my phones, which I chose Android, simply because it is more fun. But the Play store is full of crap compared to iTunes. There are very few proffesional apps compared to iTunes.
    I will prob go for an M8 over the 5s , but after seeing the tear downs I'm not so sure, the M8 sure looks bodged together , with lots of glue and tape.

  2. hahahahaa m8 is better it has better preformance better software better looks better ui better specs and more ram much better battery and better wifi signal and even faster the only advantage the iphone has is the camera which i find the m8 has better looking photos but iphone 5s only has more pixels but htc has bigger ones and htc takes faster photos and better selfies so yeah even the camera is better on the m8 suck i stupid apple fanboys ow i forgot a much much better screen 

  3. Hello,very nice comparison video,i want to buy phone,Sony xperi z2,Lg g3,Iphone 5s,maybe Lg g flex,but the 6 inch display is so big,help me if you,what is the best?thank you.

  4. 6:34 is false. If you actually looked at the screen the htc one m8 beats the iphone 5s in multi core tests. I'm pretty sure i'm not stupid. We all know 2864 is bigger than 2553. Actually, I just tested my htc one m8 and it gave me a 2974 on its multi core test. you aint foolin' nobody

  5. Really couse of fuckin speakers.. Haaa. Its becouse most of the time all of us here use HEAD PHONES WHICH ACTUALLY SOUND CLEARER AND louder like im not gonna put my speakers all the way up in a local plazce like a bus or an office so people will know what im doing. An hhow is only one feature added to the iphone which is fingerprint scanner humiliating… Like ur stupid people have more chances of getting into your htc than on an iphone becouse its your fingerprint stupid… And apple just brought security to the next level goodbye sir

  6. from reading comments on these kind of videos, i can truly tell that iPhone users are the happiest people when it comes down to their phones, the only reason people hate on other phones is to try to convince themselves that there's is good, if its so great, why moan about other peoples phones?

  7. I'm an iPhone user , I've been using my iPhone 5s for over an year now ,.. What really bothers me is the poor battery life and the fact that certain apps crash at times which can be really annoying,.. So looking at those points should I move on to a m8? 

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