HTC ONE M8 vs iPhone 5S – Ultimate Camera Test

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Comparing the Cameras on both the HTC ONE M8 and iPhone 5S.

In the video we tested all the following:

Slow mo (Slow Motion 120 FPS)
Auto Focusing
Front Facing Camera
Night Shots

iPhone 5S uses an 8mp rear facing camera with an aperture of 2.2 while the HTC ONE m8 uses a 4 Ultrapixel (4mp) rear facing camera. For front facing cameras the iphone is at 1.2 while the HTC ONE M8 is at 5mp.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unboxing + 1st Impressions:

HTC ONE M8 Unboxing + 1st Impressions:

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44 Comments on HTC ONE M8 vs iPhone 5S – Ultimate Camera Test

  1. htc one, m8 m9 a9 all have rubish cameras if htc dont do something about this they will end up losing a lot of customers maybe they should make a 16mp ultra pixel with f1.8 aperture and a leica lens that should do the trick

  2. htc one, m8 m9 a9 all have rubish cameras if htc dont do something about this they will end up losing a lot of customers maybe they should make a 16mp ultra pixel with f1.8 aperture and a leica lens that should do the trick

  3. It was time to upgrade my iPhone 4s… But, 700 for an new iphone? No, not with me.The m8 from htc is a perfekt phone and cost now about 400.I have to say NICE Quality and of course NICE Cam 😉

    You dont know what for an phone? Htc one m8 ! You cant so anything wrong

  4. Oh man. I wish I knew this channel when you had the 5s giveaway. I'm planning to upgrade my 4s. 6s in the Philippines right now is not worth the money. So I would be upgrading to a 5s. And use the extra cash to upgrade my gaming rig. Hey Ed, if you still have your old 5s you used for the review an speed tests, maybe you might wanna throw it this way. That would be an awesome x-mas gift this 2015. Awesom channel man! Loving the tech deals eventhough I can't find most of the items here in our place. Keep it up dude. You're awesom. Props to your PC builds! I'm a big fan. Stay classy!

  5. like I said check out my Google page and scroll down to the comparison image with both phones side by side in the Same picture rather then having separate images side by side, I placed the phones aide by side after taking the same picture and I snapped a photo of them beside each other to show an unbiased Comparison. the m8 easily beats the iPhone 6 so I know the iPhone 5s couldn't take better images.

  6. I'm sorry but this review is bias towards the iPhone. the images show the iPhone having brighter images which just isn't accurate, considering the HTC One m8's ultra pixels are geared mainly towards low light images. and since the m8 uses larger pixels then the iPhone there is no way that the iPhone could have brighter images then the m8 it's just not possible.

  7. with the HTC One m8 the image quality depends on where you touch the screen, if you tap on a darker area the image brightens if you tap a brighter area the image darkens. but if you get the right lighting the image quality is superior on the m8 easily .. not to mention the duo camera gives a more 3 dimensional look with more depth then the iPhone does.

  8. Thank you very much for this video bro these are exactly the two phones I was indecisive on getting this video cleared many questions I cannot stress how thankful I am g! 

  9. People asking why HTC used the ultra pixels this is because without the larger pixels the images wouldn't look good indoors or in low light. The mega pixels have nothing to do with the quality of the image !!! If mega pixels were what makes a good image then why does the Nokia lumia with 40 mp take worse pictures then most of the phones out their ? Because mega pixels do not matter when it comes to image quaility !! 

  10. I have owned both of these phones and can speak from experience most people here have either used one or the other. So any iPhone users talking about things they know nothing about and talking down a phone which performs far better then theirs is just ridiculous. The iPhone's only strong point as far as it's camera goes when comparing to the m8 is the zoom, but that is it. The m8 takes much better images. I had the iPhone for a month and returned it for the HTC one m8 and the m8 has been amazing . The iPhone 6 even adopted its look from the HTC one m8. Steve jobs even said the htc one m8 is the only android phone at that point which he wished they had thought of first. And as for the guy rambling about the iPhones finger print scanner , a lot of phones have it now, and just so you know Motorola had it first wayy before iPhone ever did. The finger print scanner wasn't an Iphone idea , iPhone stole that idea from Motorola and the. Bought the company which made the finger Id scanner. Once again uninformed people talking iPhone up to be something it's not. I have the iohkne a try I really did and a fair one but it just didn't have the performance or quality I was led to believe and ran worse then my 4 yr old android. Sorry it's just the fact of things. Look up the specs and compare them. Look up the iPhone's camera and the htc one m8 camera specs and compare them along with the phone specs and you will see. 

  11. Most people do not know anything about cameracameras or picture quality, the htc one m8 uses ULTRA pixels which rather then using more pixels uses better pixels , pixels twice as good as iPhone, which then gives a better image. Mega pixels do not matter unless you are blowing an image up to the size of a poster. The m8 also has a depth sensor which gathers more detail in its images and allows it to do tons more to its photos. The depth sensor also makes the m8's images look more 3 dimensional and realistic , the iPhone has had the same 8 mp camera for years , and still has a 1.2 front facing camera while the HTC one m8 has a 5mp hd front facing camera that can even record hd video. A lot of reviews are bias , if anyone feels ballsy post a picture from Your iPhone and I'll post one from my m8 and we will compare them. The iPhone does not posses the technology or camera to take images as nice as the HTC one m8. The HTC one m8 also has more camera features then I've seen in a lot I of other phones including the iPhone. And if you want to compare the rest of the phones you'll find the htc one m8 more then doubles the performance of the iPhone in every category, the m8 has twice the battery life and talk time, the m8 has almost 3x the ram and speed , the m8 has a quad processor so it's better for multi tasking while the Iphone has a single processor, the m8 has a far better display screen while the iPhone has one of the worst , the m8 has a battery saving option, the m8 has 2 front facing stereo speakers and the iPhone has 1 loud speakers on the bottom, the m8 can play 24-bit audio the iPhone can only play mp3. I mean come on its embarrassing the iPhone is about as good as my android from 4 years ago. And yet people try to make it into something its not. 

  12. Not always about the mega pixels it's also about the size of the sensor which happens to be very large on the m8 however the one thing the m8 lacks is image stabilisation 

  13. Winner – iPhone 5s Because I Am Confused With This Video And Others Comments . I Also Read Some Of Article On Internet Says iPhone 5s Beat hTc One M8 . My Friend Had A M8 And I My Father Had iPhone 5s And I Took Some Of Photo From Both And I Concluded iPhone 5s Is The Winner

  14. 70% of the pictures looks better on m8. iPhone looks washed out, low on colors, contrast and sharpness, the iPhones flash also ruined the picture. iPhones pictures are more blurry even tough the files are larger. Digital video stabilization is better on iPhone, but focusing is slower. This video totally forgot about the sound recording. Everything was camouflaged by that horrible music. M8 sound recording is superior. iPhone 5s-6 sounds like crap in comparison. 

  15. okay i need some help , i want a smartphone with a good camera (more than 8mpx) with slow mo and the usual things, good specs for gaming , and average internal memory. And it was god if was possible for that smartphone to receive 5.0 , but not that important.
    What you guys recommend me? i cant decide .
    htc one m8 , xperia z3 , nexus 5 or one plus? 

  16. M8 showing natural color and under saturate. I think I pick m8 for camera photo, but if it comes to video I pick 5s. One thing I notice 5s did a great job for stabilizing and fast focusing too. But it depend to the users which one will they choose to buy. Like me I am not really videos person. but much times I use camera for taking pictures only.

  17. The m8 is such a great phone, sure some times the iphone gets better but in selfies, the over all and the common life, the m8 comes in better. 4mpx is just a number but in the photograph that's where you see the difference, besides I don't think they just made the phone with 4mpx for nothing

  18. The thing about this is, the htc one m8 is slow and almost completely died a month after my cousin got it….the iphone 5…will start to get slow after about 2 years or so. I have the 6

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