HTC One (M8) vs. iPhone 5s – Ultimate Camera Comparison

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HTC One M8:

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35 Comments on HTC One (M8) vs. iPhone 5s – Ultimate Camera Comparison

  1. I hate the camera on the one m8 its literally the only thing wrong with the phone… wait I forgot, sense fucking sucks and uploading ROMs can be painful at times… ughh nexus 5x here I come! Until then I might use my old iPhone 5s over the one m8 for stability and hopefully a better camera…

  2. Personally I don't see much of a difference, but I did notice the HTC M8 colors in the pictures and videos were more vivid.   I just put this M8 phone on 1/13/15 and deciding if I want to keep it or not because of the camera but after seeing this video, I think I made my decision, I will keep it.  Why is everyone all about Iphone these days??? 

  3. Nice comparison. I recommend using white color instead of black color to show which phone the photo belongs to. The model disappears with dark background :)

  4. oh woow, nice review/ compression!!!
     Now I don't get it why are everybody complaining about HTC M8 camera , it's obviously even a bit better then iPhone 5s camera (of course no cropping, tho ) )))

  5. Too many negative reviews for a phone that has a camera on par to the Iphone5s.
    Although it's unfortunate that the HTC One M8 lacks accurate coloring and instead has a more fantasy like appearance with rich colors, at least it performs well under low-light.

  6. I have HTC one m8
    people critisize over its camera just by consedring it is 4mp.
    i want to say it takes some good quality pictures if u dont crop a picture than u will be more than satisfied with its camera no doubt.
    its has a bright camera and accuricy of colors.
    over all it is dececnt camera.
    dont judge it just by megapixel.

  7. Thanks for a great review 🙂 . It really opened my eyes to the htc one m8. I was skeptical of the camera, but I really think the colors show up much richer in these photos and videos, compared to the iphone 5s. 

  8. Still undecided, despite the reviews and so much availability on the Google play store where customising is apparent and free! I am selfie and very more edging forward to the htc one m8  

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