HTC One (M8) vs. iPhone 5S Speed Test

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I do a speed test between the all new HTC One (M8) and the Apple iPhone 5S.


29 Comments on HTC One (M8) vs. iPhone 5S Speed Test

  1. THE APPLE IPHONE 5S IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! APPLE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Suprising to see the htc faster considering it has so much more features and shit packed into it lagging it down but then again in my opinion HTC will always win in performance, samsung will win to features, apple to simplicity, nokia to camera, and so on…..can't wait for the HTC M10

  3. I am a huge fan of apple, the animation on iphone 5s maked ui slower anyways it was impressive how the htc one m8 is faster!i might be getting it but you could see in google earth it lagged not like 5s anyways grats m8!

  4. Im thinking of the same, I think it's a different processor architecture altogether, like the Intel amd race. Even some core i5 or i7 mobile chips are running below 2ghz now, I'm guessing those are even faster than the ones in our phones. I'm glad that a7 are still very relevant, I have the mini2. And seeing the iphone6 up there with m8 and s5 with 1gb ram is very surprising. 64bit is a huge upgrade for Apple.

  5. Android > IOS

    I'm nearly certain that people only like iPhones better than androids is because everyone else has it, people only like IOS better than android because it looks cute and pretty and they are too dumb to learn how to get launchers for the android or flash a custom ROM, or even add widgets. Ever since I switched from iPhone to android, I've had a much better time. I have the HTC One M8 right now and its wayy better than the iPhone 6. My old iPhone was jailbroken, but it doesn't even hold a candle to what stock android can do. Every time I see someone with an iPhone, i immediately assume they are intellectually inferior to me. I am sorry but it is partially true.

  6. When Apple would put in the same hardware, it would be the faster smartphone. But 1. they don't and 2. you have more possibilities with the android software.

  7. most people dont know that that the dual core of the iphone is a bit faster than quad core cpu s from android the only reason why people are saying that android has better hardware is because its only on paper better than a7 or a8 chipset. the reason why the m8 is faster in this video is because android cpu s are clocking there selfs much higher than it needs to. 2.3 ghz sounds great but your phone almost never runs on 2.3 ghz only in long time heavy use like games and stuff, apple is cpu s are not clocking to max ghz to start up simple apps what you saw with temple run is proof that when a a7 chip set is clocking higher its doing stuff faster, its not doing that al the time for simple apps because how higher the clock speed how more energy it takes. try to search for iphone 5s vs htc one m8 cpu speed test. also 1 gb of ram is for ios good to go because apple has programed ios verry wel, im not saying that apple is better than android because they both have really fast phones but what i just explained about those cpu s is fact. this is comming from an android fan boy,  htc one m7 user

  8. I was going to buy a new phone soon, but I have no idea whether I should buy the iPhone 5s or the HTC One (M8).For the last few years I have been using an iPhone 4, and I was wondering which phone would be the best to go to from here.

  9. Lel. All the Apple fanboys go on the S5 Vs. 5S Speedtest and say "Iphone is the best LOL" and then when they look at this and say "The test was inaccurate I want a rematch Iphone rules" Seriously?

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