HTC One M8 vs iPhone 5S Gaming and Graphics Comparison

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In this video, we will compare HTC One M8 vs the iPhone 5S as far as gaming and graphics are concerned. We will use the GFX Bench Benchmarking tool to measure the graphical prowess on both of these devices and then take a look at how they compare.

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20 Comments on HTC One M8 vs iPhone 5S Gaming and Graphics Comparison

  1. Not to mention how great iOS8 is gonna be! And even if you have an old iphone guess what? You still get iOS8 what android phone ever updates their software? And when they do, can you get it the instant it's available like us iphone users can? So basically ur stuck with the same software for two years..or until you upgrade ur phone. 

  2. Lmao! Who cares about "OFFSCREEN" frame rates??!? "Ohh it performs just as well as the iphone "offscreen"…lmao!!! IPhone 5s is a year older an it still kicks every phone out there's ass when it comes to performance…especially games. No disputing..just go look at iphone vs any phone when it comes to gaming..loading movies etc. iphone always wins..and when it comes out with iphone 6 guess what?? It's still gonna b faster. Plus it'll have better resolution than any phone out now…apple actually puts care into their products, they just don't load it up with bells and whistles an specs just to do it. Especially when try really don't function that well. Apple is quality android is quantity.

  3. How can you compare 1080p for both phones when the iPhone doesn't even support 1080p the pixels don't even show up in the iPhone because the required amount of vRam doesn't exist. The whole bragging rights that people are selling about the iPhone is pride that's all conclusion closed.

  4. You said it yourself iphone doesnt have hd resolution !!! This means even a 720p video is 640p so iphone has less to worry about. Those nubers are stupid when you compare diferent screen sizes. If i want to play so demanding games would i play on a 2" screen just to be faster 😀 No i want more than 4.5" for games to even make sense. The BIGGER THE BETTER

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