HTC One M8 vs Galaxy S6 Edge – Which Is Better?

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30 Comments on HTC One M8 vs Galaxy S6 Edge – Which Is Better?

  1. i have both .. HTC M8 with is faster in everything except battery charge but battery life is killer against Samsung S6 Edge and HTC M8 use 46% of RAM but Samsung use always minimum 59 and normally 70-80 .. if u drop Samsung without protector is dead front or back is glass very very very easy to brake i see it already 2 times … but if u like design and more colorful screen with less battery take the samsung. And the last the Camera of the Samsung is the best camera ever of any other phones.

  2. did you make sure the picture cam settings on the m8 were set to hd before you took it? as this is one of the mistakes i tend to make a lot. there is 2 modes to it. full hd and 720p hd

  3. still loving my m8 after a year and a few months & my photos come out lovely,time for a upgrade in December but for some reason there is no other ? iam interested in as of now!?

  4. Ok .The winner is the s6 edge .But the design and the metallic body is much more worth to buy and cheaper than the s6 edge .So I am going with the htc M8 .For the best of humanity. XD

  5. I can't decide between the m9 and the lg g4 which would you recommend me picking up? (I'm coming from a one plus one, casual photographer, battery life is important to me, I watch YouTube and all types of media on my smartphone, and build is essential) 

  6. Hi Android Freak. My phone was stolen, so i need to purchase a new one. My requirements are: excellent sound quality (as i would be working a lot on phone calls), Dual SIM (again work requirement), plus excellent camera (this is personal!! 🙂 ). I have heard a great deal about HTC for sound quality. But later got confused between HTC Desire 826, M8, M9, and one plus one… What would you recommend (not necessarily HTC)? p.s: can you respond as soon as possible?

  7. I have the one m8 and can't decide if I should get the s6 normal version, didn't liked the edge. I don't know if worth trading the best speakers and the fastest software for an amazing camera. How do you think the battery life on s6 compares to m8. My battery is very good and standby drain is almost zero, I don't know if I can handle a phone with worse battery. Thanks for the video. Subscribed.
    EDIT: didn't watch the last few seconds, now i watched and saw that you talked about battery. but how much do you consider the s6 battery worse than m8?

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