HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5S

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A full in-depth comparison between the HTC One (M8) and the Apple iPhone 5S!

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49 Comments on HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5S

  1. Praise god for this reviewer…hes like a less annoying, less gay versionof the reviewer from techsmart…and has a way nicer camera (heat wise) and better editing and setup

  2. Ok so megapixels does matter but 8 is more than enough and other camera features such as the amount of light and color production .actually the camera was the only thing that made me stick with my iphone5 and not switching to the one m8

  3. I had a samsung galaxy s3 for a few months and it was ok, I didn't really fall in love with it. I love the design of the htc one m8 and I'm debating between the htc one m8 or the iPhone 5s. Which one is better for everyday use and easy to use for school and stuff like that. Oh, and does htc have the option to multitask, just wondering.

  4. I have Note 3 on a 24 month contract. I am wanting to sell it and get HTC One M8, obviously I would sell the phone and not the sim card in it, but I was thinking can I do that cause when I go for a upgrade won't the show know I have a different though? that's the only thing I am worried about that when I go for a upgrade the shop will notice I have a different phone. What I am trying to say is I have a Note 3 on a 24 month contact, will I be able to sell the phone (without the sim card) and get a new phone?

  5. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that i cant send a big file like a video with an iphone to another smartphone without loading it on a cloud and thus wasting my internet gigs.

    microsd, bluetooth and NFC are soo usefull for that…..microsds especially for very big files like movies, you just copy it in the internal memory and its fast.

  6. im renewing my contract soon and i think the only reason for staying with iPhone is it being smaller and the camera but otherwise its not like apps are only on the iPhone and the only thing stopping me from getting the m8 is the size 

  7. Most people who own an iPhone know little or nothing about android devices but all people who own android device's know everything about an iPhone…what's up with that? Its something I'm still trying to understand… I would assume its about the open minded crowd vs the close minded crowd… 

  8. Well actually the iPhone in my opinion is for people who just want a simple phone. It is easy to use and can be used by anyone. The HTC One M8 though, is the opposite. Unlike the iPhone the one has more customizing abilities like all androids. Plus I like how they put the speakers on the front unlike iPhone, the speaker is on the bottom. I am a guy who likes more customizability. It might be different for other people. ALSO JUST WANTED TO SAY THAT PEOPLE SHOULDNT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THE FINGERPRINT SENSOR BECAUSE THERE WERE MANY ANDROID PHONES THAT HAS THE SAME FEATURE WHICH WERE MADE YEARS AGO! Sry about that I just kept seeing that in the comments

  9. I can't really get on board with apple because it's just a row of apps. The only reason why people flock to the iphone is because of two things. 1. imessage and 2. the camera. Everything else is an app. Phone makers need to work on their keyboards and their cameras and then they can compete against consumers love for the iphone which is really the most dumbed down phone on the market.

  10. IPhone has the best camera In my opinion, I have the m7 going to upgrade to the m8 soon, but all my friends use the 5s and I ev seen the pictures they took they all look amazing. But I prefer android over IOS and htc makes the best android phones in my opinion 

  11. I also have an M7 and slightly disappointed by the M8, mostly due to the bottom bezel with the logo on it which is a total waste of spacesince it has on screen buttons.
    I'm going with the Xperia Z2 this time. Gonna miss Sense UI which IMHO is the best Android UI

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