HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5s – Quick Look

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If you’re in the market for an aluminum clad smartphone, you probably don’t have to look any further than these two flagships. Josh looks at the HTC One (M8) vs the iPhone 5S.

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28 Comments on HTC One (M8) vs Apple iPhone 5s – Quick Look

  1. I think that samsung and HTC both fucked up with their new flagship phones this year. 
    Samsung did not need any more features, and actually had too many features.  Instead of focusing on improving the User Interface, they added in even more features that don't function at 100%.  Same with HTC.  The only flaw that the HTC ONE had was its camera, only 4 megapixels.  HTC could have just fixed that, and focused on its software to make it even better than it was before; instead, HTC adds a SECOND FUCKING CAMERA!!!!! 
    That is what I hate most about these companies, they should learn something from apple and not release a new phone with a shitload of new feature without having fixed previous bugs, or improving older features.  Apple perfects its features, while other android devices simply keep adding useless features that don't work that well in the end

  2. Htc one is the best android phone only thing I hate is the frequent crashes it has like any other phone from android, let's not mention the s5 thing I literally gave mine away for a 5s , that phone is overrated. Everything was pretty cool but Samsung forgot one thing, called call quality , it blows.

  3. For me I'm a big gaming fan and I have both the iPhone 5s and htc one m8. Asphalt 8 and pretty much any game out there performs like butter on the iPhone whereas it seems devs aren't properly optimizing the games for android. I will say that the new 801 chip with the 330 Gpu does a bang up job though. But anyone looking for the absolute best gaming phone, iPhone is still the king. 

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