HTC One M8 Unboxing & Hands on Overview

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HTC One M8 Unboxing & my hands on first impressions / indepth overview the HTC M8 sports a Quad Core processor based on the Snapdragon 801 chipset has a 5 inch 1080p screen and I give you a in-depth hands on overview for the HTC One M8 and my initial impressions

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  1. Hey… been browsing through your channel for the past week… u are doing a great job keep it up…. now i am in a dilemma of buying which high end flagship mobile…. will u help me out? 

  2. I think so the only con of htc m8 is although it's a flagship of htc and best android fone till now and also better then my iPhone 5s the con is they missed fingerprint sensor !! It should be provided one like htc one max !!!! New grey color is gud !

  3. Hey Ranjit..plz suggest me any smartphone upto 25000 without any lag. I am currently having s duos and selling this for the same reason. I am not a heavy user of apps but "NO LAG" is my top priority.

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