HTC One (M8) – Top 5 Features!

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Buy HTC One (M8): – Josh goes over the 5 features that set the new HTC One apart from the rest.

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50 Comments on HTC One (M8) – Top 5 Features!

  1. I still love my HTC One M7 ! Excelent phone and yes I don't give a fuck that a lot of guys are making fun of my 4MP camera ! I prefer a superb display wich HTC M7 has and a fost phone without lag that a phone with 20 MP camera that lags ! But when M7 will recive the new Sense 6 it will be even cooler !!

  2. The greatest HTC could have done IMO is let the main camera be 10+ megapixels and then the secondary camera be 4 ultrapixel so u have the option of using the main camera for daytime shots and then the secondary shots for night time….maybe nextime with the M9….xperia z2 seems interesting atm :)

  3. It may feel nice, but I find this phone to be really boring and standard inside, it's too simplistic for the amount of money you would spend on it, then again people like simplistic phones. 

  4. You can't be serious! this will not sell half as much as the plastic Samsung because of the following 1. the double border f*cking ugly 2. the front facing sneakers are obnoxious you have to get a case 3. metal feel like a razor blade after a few drops the UI is Android neat but not a mouth watering feature, I really didn't understand your reasons for getting excited.. Are you just getting paid to promote??????? 

  5. But no NFC 🙁  WHY no nfc dear htc this standart will be the furtur credit card, and more and more devices got nfc  sync that make it easy to sync, cameras  and loud speakeres, and more,  and the nfc wil be a credit card standard, to reeplace the sim card, 

  6. This whole new super long standby time thing that HTC and Samsung have been doing are a bit confusing. Like i'm happy they're doing things to improve battery life but if you're going to have all connection features off and have the phone in standby doing nothing… why not just have it completely off? that would probably give you even better battery life lol. 

  7. Some of you people expect way too much to be honest.. You expect these super high res displays, super high tech camera's, etc.. If they do that, then what will they put in the next gen, then the gen after that, then the one after that.. Both Samsung and HTC gave there phone respective upgrades, if they give you these revolutionary upgrades your all asking for every year then they'll run out of ideas and innovation very shortly

  8. We have seen it all in terms of phones. Manufactures need to focus on baterry life and camera. That´s it. We need a phone whichs baterry would carry on one complete day, at least.

  9. This year's phones are all just slight upgrades from last year's flagships. Just buy the SGS4, Sony Z1, HTC One(m7) or LG G2 when their prices drop and save some money!

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