HTC One (M8) Tips and Tricks!

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Lanh showcases some tips & tricks for the HTC One (M8)!

Written article coming soon!

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30 Comments on HTC One (M8) Tips and Tricks!

  1. Hey left to right gesture takes you to whatever page is immediately after blink feed (to its right) do if you your home screen isn't that page it will not take you to your home. 

  2. Actually I'd like to buy HTC m8 but for now I have BB z10 and I admire the keyboard it's easy and fixable , so is there any way to get z10 keyboard on other devices??

    And thank you

  3. Thanks for this.  I got a couple of useful tips from your vid.

    I wanted to comment on the gestures for turning the phone on into whatever mode.  From my experience, a complete fail, as I carry my phone in my front pants pocket a lot and I found the phone was self-activating and going into all sorts of modes, just from the motion of being in my pocket.  Alas, I've turned off the feature, reluctantly.

  4. They should've copied the LG-double tap function all together, so one can lock the device as well. It's a tall phone, so it's annoying to have to use the button on top, which will be a reason people will drop their phone, especially the gun metal gray one which is really slippery.

    I also find it annoying that on my 720p Nexus 4 I have rows of 5 icons and on my 1080p One M8 I have rows of 4.

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