HTC One M8 Sense 7 Marshmallow VS iPhone 6s – Speed Test!

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How does 2 year old HTC One M8 on Android 6.0 Sense 7 Marshmallow ( via skydragon ) compare to iPhone 6s IOS 9.2?

20 Comments on HTC One M8 Sense 7 Marshmallow VS iPhone 6s – Speed Test!

  1. Damn that HTC m8 was one of my favorite want phone never had it know I'm so bummed. I have a iPhone 6s plus cost me 3 to 4 times more but the HTC is almost as fast or faster damn

  2. M8 is by far one of the very best smarthpones to date. Super premium build quality, best sounding device next to m9,fast,reliable ,easy to root,a beast of a phone. im using it 2 years now and im gonna keep it until it dies. Next phone def is gonna be m10.

  3. I still got the HTC One M8 and after the Marshmallow update it feels like a brand new phone again ? . I haven't found one complaint about this phone yet and would still recommend it to ppl. Unless ur one of those picky types that like a good camera on a smartphone. 4 ultra pixel camera still great in low light with manual mode it's amazing .

  4. I finally received the official over the air update a few days ago and I'm extremely impressed with how incredibly stable marshmallow is on my M8. It actually seems snappier than when I first bought it

  5. What a chump reviewer ….. Run lightweight apps to test speed… Even 400$ devices will open those apps that fast.
    It's so funny how you selected GTA instead of Asphalt 8 & other games where 6S would've won by big margin.
    (I use HTC M8 eye but I am not fanboy & biased like you)

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