HTC One M8 Revisited

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“Photo and Video Quality Will Be Exquisite, Because The Pixels Are Large”
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  2. I've had my Red Verizon HTC One M8 for little over a year now and since the marshmallow update it seemed to get allot better . Feels like a brand new phone again which is great ?. I wouldn't have no issue recommending this phone to ppl . Everything on this phone is great .

  3. Great video guys! My phone: samsung galaxy s3 is starting to stop working and I'm considering buying a new phone. I'm thinking of either a samsung s5 or the HTC one m8. I'm used to samsung but I think HTC looks very cool! Also is there a Sony phone with similar performance for a reasonable price? Do you have any advice what to do?
    Your video was very professional and helpful 🙂

  4. I wanna join mobile gadget , I have been in the tech industry and know everything about every single flagship and everything in between, I really wish I could group up with people like you because no one around here is into what I'm into making me feel lonely in a sense

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