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My review of the HTC One M8 is here! Finally a worthy replacement for my One M7 from a year ago. This phone features a stunning ID, lightning fast performance, and aside from a couple of small complaints… is damn near as good as it gets. I hope you guys enjoy this video because I feel like now, one year into doing phone reviews, this is about as good as we can make them… It’s a lot of work, but if you guys enjoy it, then it’s all worthwhile….

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26 Comments on HTC One M8 Review & SUPER SECRET SURPRISE

  1. Hey Linus, i'd love to see u reviewing the new HTC 10. after the crappy m9 maybe the final HTC phone we've been all waiting for. I'm really interested in your opinion

  2. Even speakers doesn't help HTC from slump. But Blackberry is company with much more credit and is where it is, so, smartphone market is wild west, if you are not Apple or Samsung.

  3. Galaxy S5:
    Better display
    Much better camera
    4K recording
    IP67 certification
    Fingerprint scanner(works reasonably well)
    USB 3.0 port
    Wireless charging
    HTC fanboy: Fuck Samsung, M8 is the best????

  4. Thias phone survives almost everything! i've dropped it from about 5 meters, no problem. I fell i water – no problem. it flew about 20 meter and landed on concrete – barly any scratches.
    this thing is a tank, the new nokia!

  5. when I open my htc one m8 camera app,there always shows that "duo camera is blocked.remove hand from any of those cameras". but i din't put my hand on any of those cameras… is there any solution to fix this or it is a hardware problem??

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