HTC One M8 Review: Is it Still Worth it!? (1 year later)

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How does the HTC One M8 hold up 1 year later? With an update to Android 5.0.1, a lot of the original shortcomings seem to have been addressed.

HTC One M8 Specs:

Display: Super LCD3, 5-inch 1920 x 1080, 441 PPI
OS: Android 5.0.1
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
GPU: Adreno 330
Memory: 2GB RAM
Storage: 16/32G w/MicroSD Card Slot
Camera: Rear Dual 4MP, autofocus, DUAL-LED flash
Front Camera: 5MP
Battery: 2600 mAh

Cloudy Camera Fix:

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36 Comments on HTC One M8 Review: Is it Still Worth it!? (1 year later)

  1. Hi Matt!
    I would like to let you know that the new HTC One M10 has been unveiled today in North America. Looks really nice in the first impressions by others. It now has a chamfered edges & new 12mp rear camera with OIS, Laser autofocus & new design which brings back the original but more current. Boom sound speakers have returned, but it's somehow hidden under the glass front panel. Hope you get your review unit & hands on with the device. Hope everything is well. Will your LG G5 review be arriving soon? 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Still using my M8, I love this phone had it from day one and dont really wish to upgrade the M10 better be just as awesome and not make me give up ant features. I know its gonna be powerful but I ask myself, Do i eed any more power? 2 years later and she runs just as fast as it did from day 1. after marshmallow i saw a 20K point increase in benchmarks.i think HTC made the best phone ever with the M8 and the 801 seems like the perfect chipset, just like with quad Hd it seams anything more is overkill. how much power do you need in a smartphone. the only complaint I have is with myself allowing a few minor niks and scratches to get on it. I LOVE THIS PHONE AND I HAVE TO BE HTCS NUMBER ONE FANBOY!

  3. +Matthew Moniz… I seen many saying after the updatiion to lollipop the battery started drain more. 6.5 hr screen on time reduced to below 5 hr..  Bt I seen u saying battery improved in lollipop. .  Totally confused

  4. Just got one for $239 from Canada. The M8 is still superior to most phones, even in 2016. It almost the perfect phone except for the well documented mediocre camera. I paid only $239, what a steal.

  5. I got this in 2016 brand new sealed for $240 Canadian dollars. I love it, its still super fast for today's standards.

    I'm waiting for marshmallow which should release tomorrow.

  6. Even the m7 is still worth it if youre just a basic smartphone user (call, txt, social media, camera, music, casual gaming).. M7 and M8 are way ahead of its time..

  7. Hi, for some time now I've been meaning to upgrade from my iPhone 4s to Android. I'm currently struggling to decide between the HTC m8 (at $253) and the LG G4 (at $327). I don't really mind the "bad camera" on the HTC m8, but I'm worried it will start having lag (it still has a 32 bit processor) with newer applications and games, whereas the LG G4, being newer, will age more slowly. What would you recommend? Thanks.

  8. hi. and got my HTC one m8 for Xmas 2015.its great. moves smooth between apps. no lag. the camera though… could've had more MP, I was expecting more, but overall I am very satisfied.

  9. 1 year passed….. but still a great phone in terms of 1.premium design processor hang and lag issues sense 5.boom sound speakers 6.super screen resolution 7.and camera although is a point to talk about bt from my side its more than good cor amateur photographers.

  10. Having issue moving self-downloaded apps from play store to SD card. Not only stock apps or preinstalled apps that are unable to move, but A LOT of apps are just being stored in the internal storage.

    – slow to launch camera app
    – camera in auto mode has excessive yellowish tone
    – can't move postinstalled apps to SD card (just a few)

    Other than that, the phone is solid (y) (y)

  11. hey Mathew hope you are doing good. I'm currently using brand new Moto G3 and I'm loving it but I'm thinking to change it still. The Moto G is upgradable to marshmellow but I don't see m8 getting a 5.1.1 update even. I'm really confused so please te what should I do. I want to try m8 but scared that I would have to change it if marshmellow comes

  12. matt what do you think will come in 2016 for HTC? I bought m8 at launch and did not find m9 better to upgrade. Really looking forward for 2016 htc flagship. m8 is getting little big worse battery life i would like new slick HTC phone.

  13. great video! 🙂 I am considering changing my galaxy S3 to HTC ONE M8 or the M9. The most important thins is to me that the phone should run smootly, and have a decent battery life. I do not care about the camera. Which one do you suggest? Thank you in advance! Otherwise, great channel! subscribed!

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