HTC One M8 Review after Extended Usage – Style with Performance

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In-depth Review of HTC One M8 after using it for 2 months, HTC One M8 is the flagship android phone by HTC it is powered by the Snapdragon 801 processor and has a brushed aluminium body and I give you the pros and cons of the HTC One M8 in this review.

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27 Comments on HTC One M8 Review after Extended Usage – Style with Performance

  1. Hi +Geekyranjit t is the HTC one m8 still a better buy in today's scenario.? I can compromise in camera since mostly I share through mobile.the 2015 flagships have their own negatives and this make me think m8 could still be a better choice. Plz do reply

  2. Hello sir..I have an HTC one m8 and i am trying to locate where is my music which i have downloaded from the UC browser…I want that music to be lacated in my HTC music player..sir plz help me..

  3. Hello Ranjit, I really like your review and you are the best among all review videos I saw in youtube. Ranjit Iam getting confused with HTC one M8 eye and HTC desire eye, could you please review them and give some verdict from your side.

  4. Hi Ranjit Kumar,
    I am planing to go for HTC One E8. coz its the most top class dual sim in my budget.
    am I wrong? Please suggest.
    I am also wondering about the camera of HTC one E8. Is camera too bad as compare to HTC One M8 eye?
    Please do reply.
    Also if you make a camera comparison video between HTC one E8 , HTC One M8 Eye and HTC One M8  it will be very helpful for me.

  5. Hello +Ranjit Kumar 
    I'm planning to buy a new HTC phone and need your help to decide between HTC One (M8) and HTC One (E8).
    Is HTC One (M8) worth its price tag? 
    Also, biggest concern being the camera, I did saw your other videos and found M8's photos to be just fine.
    So, will HTC One (E8) photos will be of better quality? 

    Please note: Talking about the photo quality, I mean to consider it while posting them on social media or viewing them on my laptop or tv screen. 

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