HTC One (M8) review

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David Pierce takes an in-depth look at the new HTC One (M8). HTC’s 2014 flagship Android smartphone comes with a slightly larger 5-inch IPS display, a faster Snapdragon 801 processor, and Android 4.4 KitKat. To find out more, read the full review at the link below:

25 Comments on HTC One (M8) review

  1. I am really struggling between this and the s5. I don't care about internals or camera quality or benchmark, only aesthetics. However I can't get over the fact of how much better the s5's screen is than the m8 (the colors are so much brighter and gorgeous) :(

  2. This phone is my first into the smart phone revolution. Yes, I am a bit late, but rather late then never. I love it and very happy with my purchase. I fiddled with my sisters samsung note something i think its the 3, not sure.
    I do know I like my phone way more then hers. 

  3. i don't see anything wrong with this review , (i see a lot complaining )

    he basically said the truth,  its an amazing phone and only downside is low camera MPS which if you know how to take pictures its so good, even better than 8mp ones!

  4. what phone should i get?

    i want XDA Support and roms and root
    big and good quality screen
    speedy SoC for current and future games

    i currently got nexus 4, i was waiting for nexus 6, but i was kinda changing my mind, is this still worthit? or i should wait ?!

    i almost never take pictures :D

  5. I somehow don't like the reviews this guy makes. He always seems to talk about his opinion like it would be anyone elses too. At least it seems to me like this and I think he's kind of an iPhone Fanboy, and I don't like that although I'm an iPhone Fan and User. It's just that reviews should be objective in generall

  6. as a dad to 2 new boys… I need a good camera, went with LG G3.  If ONLY… the M8 had a good camera, I'd jump for that.  I love sense UI but I really needed a good camera and nothing beats the LG G3 with it's camera.  LG G3 has OS problems and really bad battery.  I can honestly say I have to charge 2x a day.  🙁  Maybe HTC M9?  

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