HTC One (M8) Review

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There’s no denying that HTC is at a cross road at the moment. Rather than scaling back and rushing development, they’ve taken the time out to plan a strategy to emerge victorious this year with its newest flagship phone. The result of all of the work is now being seen in the all new HTC One, or as some of us know of it intimately by its codename, the M8 for short. Of course, the road ahead is unpredictable, but the new HTC One is one short step away in making people believe in the impossible…

34 Comments on HTC One (M8) Review

  1. It is the worst mobile ever
    I have it since 2 months and my life is a hell
    always I need to restart it , the photos are extremely bad quality, bluetooth is not working properly, the volume button fell out and it needs 5 working days to be fixed, battery gets hot quickly
    my advice BE AWAY FROM HTC … there are a lot of better choices in the market in the same price range

  2. People are so freaken rude!! What is wrong with his voice? It sounds fine and if you don't like his voice get over it! You guys are rude! Learn to respect people and who they are. People can't change their voices and cannot help it. Stop!!

  3. the iphone 6 gave us a sign that some day apple will be the 3rd fallen smartphone company with nokia and blackberry poor crapple android is too op htc,samsung,lg,moto, etc. are far ahead

  4. MY GOD ! guys i really have to finally get this out of me. Im trying over and over again to watch this but this guy is sooo iritating just pisses me off… I give up but thumbs up for vid quality tho

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