HTC One M8 “Real Review”

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This phone is a Major Go!

@00.30 Things I DON’T LIKE first.. Slip Up lol

My favorite case so far,

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  1. was a good phone didn't hold up to well when it went for a swim in my cereal 🙁 it slowly stopped charging then it just wouldn't ever turn on again.

  2. Hey guys the new M9 is out and it's time for 'poor people' like me to get its predecessor 😉 Was browsing thru the reviews and I found this particular one pretty detailed and well-balanced in terms of judgment and points. You're not like some reviewers who u know speak as if they are paid by the company to make good reviews for the flagships.
    Shout out to ma man #Flossy Was struggling to choose between Samsung S5 and HTC but i think i'm gonna get the M8 tomorrow 😀 

  3. hey flossy carter new to your fan base today actually . all I can say is your ''DA MAN '' I like you speaking the truth and to the point . plus we are htc phone anyways keep the good shiiit . hope they come out with a new htc max this year .

  4. hey floss im a greate fan of yours i wouled like to set you a chalenge if you accept well here it is 1:what is your favourite ever 2:what do you prefer between h&c one m8 or the note 4

  5. I got this phone a week ago and im in love with it floss i love the speakers and the builed. Nice review i like how you show what you feel about the phone other than what they say about it. 

  6. Thanks a lot for you amazing videos +Flossy Carter ! Much much appreciated! 
    I'm really confused between this one the and LG G3. I have heard that the HTC M8 may have some problems ( like redness/ Pink) In the camera. I wanted really to buy it but once I heard this, I wanted to take your opinion first. 
    Thanks a lot! 

  7. Aye flossy. i have a s5 and i got it up on craigslist I'm thinking about the m8 but the camera making me not want it what you think i should do? or the note 4?

  8. Really good honest reviews. Funny/entertaining as hell as well. I'm tryna decided between M8 & G3, leaning toward G3. Thanks for the help, sub'd to channel homie.

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