HTC One (M8): One Year Later

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The HTC One (M8) turns one this year, and so now we’re going take another look at the One (M8), what it was at launch, and how it’s aged over the last 52 weeks. The One (M8) was HTC’s flagship in 2014 and features a 5-inch 1080p display, a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, and more! Check out the video above for more details!

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  1. I own a Samsung Galaxy S3. The software and battery is crap and it keeps freezing! I'm interested in getting the M8. Does the HTC One M8 have better battery life than Samsung Galaxy S5?

  2. I've had this phone since its release and I honestly see myself having for quite a while, its just perfect.. Even a year on its still holding up extremely well. I've also tried Samsung and just couldnt stand it, the android experience on the m8 is just hands down the best..

  3. Just ordered an unlocked m8, going to have to get used to android (I'm coming from Windows Phone).  The camera doesn't matter to me, I have three DSLR's if I want to take pictures, and if I want to take pictures to immediately upload, my Samsung NX30 can easily do that by either tapping into wifi and uploading directly from the camera, or using NFC to tap it to a cell phone and then uploading from the phone (although I have never taken a picture that I've needed to upload that urgently).  Looking forward to having fun with the M8

  4. I was going to get the galaxy s5 or iphone 6, but because they ran out i ended up buying the htc one m8, n i realise i had bought a phone better than both them hoes, im amaze by how much this phones surpasses most phones 

  5. I might get this. The camera is not that big of a deal as i dont take pictures that often… But how is it for people who have this and how is the battery? I am taking every precaution before i get this phone.

  6. Xperia Z3 is a better phone. The only department the m8 tops the z3 is the external speakers, which to say is not much. All other aspects, the z3 tops it – battery, larger screen, camera and yes that includes software video stabilization, software is purely preferential so I do not really consider that in comparing phones

  7. Have been a HTC customer for 2 years and I absolutely adore HTC, 
    I have used Samsung,Sony,LG etc and nothing comes close to HTC
    I even hates my I phone 5s when it cant even last a day like the m8 does with larger screen and better pixels
    HTC is undoubtedly the worlds best mobile brand

  8. I loved the M8 when I first bought it but the camera wore on me quickly so I subsequently traded it for an S5 Active. Camera and battery life are the most important features for me. Currently rocking two of the best in this dept, iPhone 6 plus and OnePlus One.

  9. I just purchased the M8 and coming from the M7, I think the M7 is a better phone. Just to name a few: the front facing camera is better on the M7, more sharper. I don't understand why is that since the M8's front facing camera is a higher resolution camera. The M8's front facing pictures are really soft. Also, the colors on the M8 are not accurate. For some type of reason the reds are not reds, they're red mixed with pink. The onscreen buttons sucks. I just hate the thick bottom bar. Why not go with capacitive touch buttons like the M7 and make the "HTC" logo the home button. The M8, with the onscreen buttons, go from a 5" display to 4" display. The duo camera on my M8 doesn't work. Who agrees or disagrees with me? I would like to hear from y'all, people. 

  10. The m8 was not a huge upgrade from the m7. IT was a mere spec bump, with a camera worse then the previos model. IT was a nice upgrade, but not a huge one

  11. The phone has a 4 ultra pixel camera , not mega pixel. This improves low light photos and still very high quality. The front facing camera is a 5 megapixel camera. Still the best camera combination of any phone today.

  12. I've had it for about a year and the camera is ass, the speakers are top notch, battery isn't great but it can make it a day. I've switched to the google keyboard because htc's is ass. Decent phone but not worth the buy anymore. 

  13. The M8 is probably the smoothest Android Experience ever. It's incredibly well built and the software is just outstanding. Barely ever lags. The fact that my Nexus 6 lags more than my previous M8 says a lot. (Keep in mind my Nexus 6 rarely lags, more so hick up once in a blue moon if heavy tasks are up). Still, the M8 is incredibly impressive and I can't wait for the M9.

  14. Personally as a m8 owner I hate it, it been nothing but trouble since lollipop 5.0.1, content crashes and resets defiantly going back to iPhone after this contract has finished.

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