HTC One M8 for Windows Review

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Join us as we review the HTC One M8 for Windows, Verizon’s newest (and arguably highest-end) Windows Phone – then check out our full review at Pocketnow:

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34 Comments on HTC One M8 for Windows Review

  1. I ordered this phone and the seller scared me. He asked did I know I got windows phone instead of android I'm like is that a good or bad thing I'm still confused. I don't do anything but call and text and maybe Facebook and YouTube every now and then I hope it works for me! Oh and take pictures lol

  2. Does anyone have a solution? I only have one problem with the phone and it's a major one. I have the HTC One M8 for Windows and the touchscreen malfunctions a lot while scrolling or typing. It's been happening a lot the past few days.

    The touchscreen always flickers around the bottom center of the phone. (In a Windows Phone keyboard it's around where the v and g keys are.) While scrolling during web browsing it always holds in place like if I'm pinching the screen to zoom in and spams like if I'm tapping the screen like a maniac. While typing messages or searching on Google or YouTube for example, the v or g spams a lot and its uncontrollable and even it swipes by itself horizontally like crazy. Is this a hardware issue? It always happens after charging the phone or when I'm using it a lot (I watch YouTube and message friends that's it, and while trying to message anyone this happens a lot and it's uncomfortable to do anything on the phone.

    Before anyone says that it's because it's Windows Phone, it can be because it is, but I looked up issues with the Android version and some of them had issues with the phone not registering any scrolling or swipes on the first touch or even tapping on any apps on the first touch on the home screen on the bottom part. There is no calibration system on the Windows Phone when I tried to find it on Settings.

  3. Your reviews are great, but when you're talking down about a device or spec. You do that weird thing with your voice if anyone else gets what i'm saying, you like say the comment in a really weird annoying way. Its disgusting. But your videos are great homie other than that disgusting thing about you……. :)

  4. i know all nokia lumia's hardware are optimized to windows phone, but is this true with the htc mt? is the hardware any different from the android version? if so, will it have optimization problems, updates delay problems? i need an answer.

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