HTC One M8 Eye Review

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From the review on here’s a detailed overview of the HTC One M8 Eye. If y’all have any questions about it, feel free to ask away right in the comments below.

Ultrapixel vs M8 Eye –

Note: I made a slight mistake with the processor clock rating. The Indian M8 Eye has a 2.3Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor, while my review unit was a China SKU that is a 2.3Ghz Snapdragon 801 processor. I wasnt aware that the Indian units were different, at the time of the review.

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26 Comments on HTC One M8 Eye Review

  1. please please sir, answer me quickly : is m8 eye is same like the 1st one m8 ??

    i do not care much more about the camera, Im samsung users, but now i loved HTC One m8 design once i go to buy they said only m8 eye available if i want the 1st i have to wait because they have not in STOCK..

    So is there difference between them ?? design ? good looking ? better angle resolotuon ? and whatever

  2. I find it highly annoying for phone manufacturers to have the useful IR blaster on one phone but take it away on the next. The technology is cool and great to have. It should be a must have on any device.

  3. Does this phone have heating issues during gaming or listening to music? I am currently using HTC One X, and often have this heating issues, thinking of buying this phone…

  4. the top of HTC M8 has an IR blaster but the mobile doesn't have the official inbuilt HTC Tv app to use the remote feature phone is from india n model

  5. Great review dude.
    I'm disappointed by the fact that they removed the IR blaster and changed the front facing wide angle camera.
    1 step forward, and 2 steps backward.

  6. but that 13 mpx non ultrapixel camera is same as htc desire 820.. pooooooooooor camera………. what do you recommend clinton……. shall i buy this or else leave. if the sensor is same as htc 820 then i wont………….

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