HTC One M8 Disassembly & Assembly – handyreparatur123

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Full HTC One M8 Disassembly & Assembly by german handyreparatur123.
Im Video siehst du wie das HTC one M8 auseinander und wieder zusammengebaut wird. Beim Vorgängermodell dem HTC one M7 war eine Reparatur nur mit viel Aufwand und dem richtigen Werkzeug möglich. Beim HTC one M8 ist hingegen eine Reparatur / Austausch diverser Bauteile möglich.


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  1. I would never buy an HTC phone with how insanely difficult they are to repair, because every time I get a new phone the previous phone gets used as a spare or as a handheld console with clip on game controller, so I like to know I can replace the battery or do minor repairs without too much difficulty.

  2. i have a question, my wife crushed her phone in my car door the other day, her phone is fine thanks to her having it in an otter box, but unfortunatly, it seems to have bent the back casing of the phone which put stress on the framing of the volume button causing it to warp the framing outward… Ive heard the top and bottom portion of the front screen are glued on, so my question is if i disassemble it and bend the framing back into shape, do i need to purchase some sort of glue or can i just take my handy dandy blow dryer to it and reseal it??? thanks for the help

  3. Hallo, habe die Öffnung des HTC ONE m8s heute ausprobiert. Die Anleitung ist sehr gut. Aber du benötigst am Besten zwei Plektren, die recht stabil sein müssen, sonst brechen diese beim Öffenen des Gehäuses. Ich habe leider den Fehler gemacht, das Plektrum zwischen Display und Kunststoffgehäuse zu schieben und dadurch mein Display beschädigt. Also das Display zwischen Kunststoffgehäuse und Aluminium-Case einstecken, dann geht es mit viel Mühen gut. Sowohl die Kameraabdeckungslinse als auch die Lautsprecherabdeckungen des M8 passen auch auf das M8S.

  4. Huh. Just the fact that even a phone professional managed to dismantle a couple of things strong (like the metal shielding) tells me I should Not dick around with my M8 anytime soon.

  5. Woo , What a professional  !!! U disconected LCD flex beforer take off the battery ? …..hmmmm

    PS : guys , do not use a mettalic tool for take off flex , use a plastic tool .

  6. Do you have to go through all this to replace the camera lens? Mine stopped focusing and when I try to use it it's a constant vibration and almost sounds like an electrical short.. Sprint knows the m8 is built like a monster and won't go though the trouble to fix. 

  7. Thanks very much for this! I just replaced the Headphone Jack/USB Port/Microphone part at the bottom of the phone and you really made the process 100-times easier! Awesome stuff!

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