HTC One (M8) – After The Buzz, Episode 36

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Watch our second look at the HTC One (M8) after three months of real world use.


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26 Comments on HTC One (M8) – After The Buzz, Episode 36

  1. I've had this phone for a year and a half and it's still going strong. I've had no issues at all and am very happy. When I bought it, it was a choice between this, the iPhone 5 & the Galaxy 5. I feel I've made the right choice!

  2. I had my M8 since it came out and I have to say I still like this phone. The only semi complaint I even have is the is the camera . Can't zoom in all the way without it getting all digitized . Manual Mode is Awesome if u know what ur doing . You can get great pictures of the stary night sky when it's nice and clear out . Plus it'll be getting the marshmallow update soon which is a bonus.

  3. i had this phone for almost 2 years and i am still recommending it to any person asking me about a good and fast phone… but i like to change phones alot so i have now a iphone 6 plus i missed the m8 and sense 6

  4. I actually regret my M8 purchase over a year later.  The latest Android updates have crippled the VZW version of the phone, and it has several key defects (such as the SIM card disconnecting.)

  5. I own an HTC one m8 for now ten months and i can truely say i dont regret buying it for a second.a wonderful phone. Speakers are amazing and even the camera is not so bad at all !!!

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