HTC One (M7) Specs and First Thoughts

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Just doing a video talking about the newly announced HTC One running Sense 5.0! This device was codenamed the M7. I’ll talk about features, show off some pictures and give my thoughts on the device. Let me know what you think of it!

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49 Comments on HTC One (M7) Specs and First Thoughts

  1. I have the black HTC One and it's great pictures are amazing and does are fun as well I can control my tv and the longest it's lasted me on one charge was 1day and 9hrs witch was amazingly awesome I recommend this Phone to everyone

  2. The HTC has better a physical appearance then the Samsung Galaxy S 4. I think I'm going to wait until the Summer and buy Something that might have more features .

  3. same question I have. One day I say I'm going with One, while the other I say that I'll put my money on S4. I'm extremely confused. Either pick there are compromises to be made.

  4. Seems like a knockoff of the I5 in design as for the specs kudos for it being a quad core and I totally agree on Sense being horrible I just wish touchwiz was a bit more professional and less goofy looking for customization

  5. Yeah. I wouldn't mind the removable battery if it would stay in when I drop my phone lol. Dang Samsung didn't make the S1 sturdy enough haha. Ah okay. That is one worry I have about upgrading to a phone with a non removable battery what to do if it freezes during a boot or something but if it is like the Nexus 7 there is a way to get pass that. And that's why Android is great. Choice and if you want a removable batter you can get it. Although it looks like OEMS are moving away from that.

  6. Blame Samsung lol. I have the Galaxy S Epic can finally upgrade in 94 days unless I can talk Sprint into upgrading early lol. I don't have ever had an issue with my phone freezing when flashing a rom (knock on wood). If Samsung can impress me with the SIV can if the SIV promises I will get it but it looks more likey it will be the One just so if and when I drop it my battery doesn't fly half way across the room haha x.x

  7. i maybe in the minority, but after i flashed a ROM it froze at the boot up animation, only the use of removable battery helped me to boot up properly. my galaxy nexus was accidently dropped 3 times but nothing came out πŸ˜› its the manufacturers responsibility to make the phone sturdy πŸ™‚

  8. And you would be in the minority. I hate removable batteries. Every time I drop my phone the back files off and the battery files out. It is annoying lol

  9. You sure are a nit picker. Are you aware that one of the newest rumours for the SIV is that it's battery is embedded and non removable right?

  10. He has the Nexus 4 which has a non removable battery as well as both nexus tablets. And everybody needs to just shut up about the non removable battery. The SIV is rumouredto not have a removable battery. In 2 years time all smartphones will have non removable batteries.

  11. You are right. HTC last year updated their phones faster than Samsung. HTC had updates for their phones ready in 4 months compared to Samsung's 6. The best carrier for updates was T-Mobile with 4 months followed by Sprint I believe at 6 months. AT&T and Verizon were at the bottom.

  12. You do know the SIV is said to have a non removable battery right? Removable batteries are old tech and it is something that is dying. If Google dosn't think something needs a removable battery. examples, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Nexus 4 then you don't need a removable battery. Soon their will be no removable battery.

  13. Removable battery are dying. No one really needs one. The average customer never takes them out. Rumour has it the S4 will not have a removable batter but an embedded battery..

  14. Sounds like he perfers anything thats not HTC, but im sure he has a Iphone "NonRemoveableBattery" but yet complaint about almost akl tht HtC is offering. …. smh

  15. Evo LTE will not get Sense 5. HTC always does an upgrade of the Sense in the current form. So it will get 4.X. It will not get 5.0 unless HTC decides to stop doing what they've been doing forever.

  16. I definitely agree with mega pixels doesn't necessarily make a good camera, but most of the general public thinks mega pixels does make the camera better. Thats why I think there calling it ultra pixel instead. Overall looks great but still sticking with my note 2!

  17. You forgot to mention about the ir blaster—thats a big one, I believe HTC has a winner, lately I have seen HTC really pushing updates to most of thier phones, based on the carrier…I wonder if sense 5 will be expanded to other handsets

  18. first thanks for you videos ! second I have a problem with my nexus devices in the new up date 4.2.2 none of the super users works, any ideas how to fix that, thanks.

  19. If Samsung can come up with a phone that has the structure of the HTC DNA, without the plastic feel,or that home button, all i can say is, dead to the iPhone,

  20. I'm waiting for the S4, S family for life, HTC sucks with their lock phone always have to wait for them look, HTC will go bankrupt if they don't stay making the same phone for every carrier,droid dna is a better phone than the s3 for me but they couldn't sell not even 1million phone

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