HTC one M10 vs HTC one m9!!

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HTC one m10 vs HTC one m9.

HTC announced a new flagship, the HTC 10, at the beginning of April. It’s a new start for the company’s flagship smartphone, dropping both the One name and the M designation.
It comes in to right the wrongs of the HTC One M9, a phone that took an awkward skew for HTC at a time when it needed a new hero. But that’s now old news and we’re looking at a fresh new phone.
We’ve pitched the HTC 10 up against the HTC One M9 so you can see exactly where the changes lie and decide for yourself whether HTC has done enough to right the wrongs. This is the HTC 10 vs the HTC One M9.
HTC 10 vs HTC One M9: Design
The HTC One M9 measures 144.6 x 69.7 x 9.6mm and weighs 157g. It features a dual-tone metal build and it is a clear evolution of the HTC flagships that have gone before it, which unfortunately is what goes against it. The One M9’s build quality is fantastic, but there is only a minor difference between it and the One M7 that launched two years before.
The M9…

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