Htc One M10 Unboxing

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HTC One M10 is the successor of the HTC One smartphone M9 which has been present in the market. Smartphone comes with the latest design concept from HTC looks more fresh and elegant. In addition, the specifications of the HTC One M10 also looks very gahar, such as the Screen 5.5 inch Quad HD resolution, 4 GB RAM, 820 Snapdragon CPU / CPU Mediatek Helio X20 and the battery capacity of 3500 mAh.HTC One M10 is equipped with a 23 MP primary camera capable + LED flash that is capable of recording HD video Ultra.

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  1. If the new Htc m10 will look like that and have close specifications to what you mentioned will be a market stone breaker. Nice video, despite the fake title.

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