HTC One M10 Rumors: The Best Android Phone of 2016?

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The HTC One M10 is coming this spring, and it’s going to be a big upgrade over the One M9! Here’s what you should expect.

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41 Comments on HTC One M10 Rumors: The Best Android Phone of 2016?

  1. i just watched a video that literally told me, "htc will be improving upon the m9 in the m10. it might have a better screen and maybe better internals." lol i couldve put that together i was hoping youd have actual information about the m10

  2. HTC better do something this year with improving on what they already have. Boomsound was what made HTC on par with other phones, but if they get rid of it it won't do them any good. So they should take boomsound and make it more emmersive, some mini speakers along with the dual speakers and HiFi DAC quality. We'll see what they do

  3. Let me get in on this boomsound complain bandwagon. It's why I love the HTC. My m10 wish list is dual speaker Boomsound, 1080p, 3000mh batt or more , camera on par with s7 or better, sleek metal body, kick stand, 820 snapdragon, waterproof and 5.5 inch screen. I don't need wireless charging or fingerprint scanning. Nice but not needed.

  4. I can't be the only one here that loved the design of the M9 by far more than the A9's! The optics and feeling of the aluminum case were close to perfect, so i didn't understand people mocking the minimalistic changes they made compared to the M8. I think the ONE series has it's own unique design that shouldn't be changed too much, and for me, the A9 looked sort of uninteresting, like one way i would imagine the typical smartphone…

    What i'd like to see for the M10:
    – Similar aluminum unibody design than M9
    – Boom sound as usual (because obvious reasons)
    – A big ass battery (because obvious reasons)
    – a Fingerprint Sensor located where the htc logo was located 'til now
    – Finaly a REALLY good camera (M9's was good though) with further improved M9 Software gimmicks (PS: i don't care about selfies, M9 Front cam was ok i think)
    – of course a new Sense update <3
    – hardware home and menu buttons kind of like the M7 had, to use the space asides the fingerprint sensor (yes i dont like them on screen)

    – A good 5.0 screen with natural colors… i really don't know why people think QHD is such a quality improvement over 1080p… but if the battery life is still awesome, why not?!

  5. At this point I am not sure how they will save their mobile phone business. Most "old-school" fans of the brand (like me – M7 and M9) want them to more or less keep the design and only add innovative functionalities (and not f up others like camera lacking optical stabilization as the one on M9). Casual users want to have something completely new totally new design unseen until now…. which I am not sure will make me really happy.

  6. The whole unique selling point of HTC was the HTC BoomSound. Now they will most likely get rid of it, for a stupid fingerprint scanner. The whole point of companies is to establish a different feature, so customers will choose for your company. I was really hoping for my next phone to be the M10 (currently owning an M7), but now I've got no idea what to buy.

  7. How could you even say that the M9 was one of the best phones of 2015?????? It makes your review almost invalid by starting it off with a statement like that. HTC is in huge trouble because of the M9 and the M10 will be make or break for the company

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