HTC One M10 Review – The next Generation Beast

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All big brands are worried about their total profits and sales as small brands have started eating their share, still HTC is growing in the corner silently. And if you are Android smartphone fans then you must be aware about the HTC One M series. And now the newest member of the series is HTC One M9 and later our flagship HTC One M10 would come on the shelves.

HTC One M10 release date:
Since the launch of first HTC One M7, HTC started collecting more profits and popularity. As stated above, the first phone debuted in the March 2013. HTC One M9 came in March 2015. Every march of the year, HTC has something to show to the world. And it is done just after the world mobile congress. And this year too, HTC is ready with our next surprise, which would be unpacked very soon.

Is there are any possibility for HTC One M10 release date in 2016?

Well, HTC is known for its stability and planning. The chances for early HTC One M10 release date are very less. However, the competition pressure…

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  1. I love HTC so much …in terms in hi performance …remind to those good engineered you have to upgrade the whole displays the color the icon ,even the button to have a perfect hit this year good luck guys and we love HTC….

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