HTC ONE M10 Review | New Features And Specifications

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HTC One M10 will use the newer machines. HTC installing machines Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820. This certainly provide faster performance and more heat resistant than previous Qualcomm processor. In addition to 820 Snapdragon chipset, HTC is also preparing a version with Octa-core Snapdragon chipset. HTC even installing 4GB of RAM. This chipset will reportedly be supported GPU Adreno 530 graphics with improved quality by 40% compared to the previous GPU. This GPU technology supported even Spectra camera Qualcomm Dual-ISP 14-bit sensor.

Meanwhile, the section of the operating system, this new HTC smartphones will carry Android 5.1 M Lollipop even Android 6.0. For storage memory, presented a large enough internal memory of 64GB and 128GB.

On the camera, HTC One M10 is equipped with a 20.7 MP main camera and front camera 5MP. Reportedly HTC One M10 will be released next October.

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  1. EVERY TIME they advertise the so-new body. it is getting more and more ugly since htc new. I was focusing on the every vision of HTC and I get disappointment at every vision. I have my HTC NEW ONE for three years. he is still nice but he has never had a phone as nice as him any more!!

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