Htc one M10 presentation

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25 Comments on Htc one M10 presentation

  1. I'm putting off the LG V10 and the Droid Turbo 2 for this…sure, the Galaxy S7 is around the corner but this one will probably be within the price budget that most people will be able to afford and not cost $800+ and the quality will be way better than other competitors out there…Never owned an HTC Phone, but since my recent transfer to another carrier, I got an affordable HTC phone, until the One M10 comes out, and its just so responsive! Some are even going out in saying that the HTC One M10 could be the best smartphone in 2016…at any rate, i'm still getting one.

  2. all I know is that htc is nice but they do need to step it up I got the samsung s6 galaxy edge but Im just waiting for the htc one m10 to come out so I could get. if they could make a nice design it doesnt always have to look the same

  3. 晶片是Snapdragon 820 = =
    sonx z2 z3還不是一樣使用Snapdragon 系列的晶片,超會過熱的。
    哀 真敗筆= =

    哀鳳6 使用台積代工的A8,有聽說過熱嗎??


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