HTC One M10 (Perfume) Rumors: No More BoomSound?

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We round up the most popular leaks and rumors about the HTC One M10, aka Perfume.

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37 Comments on HTC One M10 (Perfume) Rumors: No More BoomSound?

  1. it would be a very idiotic move to almost ditch their original design and remove one of the most unique features of the phone like the boomsound speakers and build quality. i personally wouldnt want a phone that almost look exactly like another especially the fucking iphone

  2. HTC wants to go extinct. 1. they went three years in a row with a shitty camera
    2. the downgrade to boomsound
    3. There was no M9

    and now they want take away boomsound wtf is going in the facility? ?

  3. I don't even watch or listen to music 'a whole lot' on my M7. So boomsound is not a big loss for me. I'm leaning more on the S7 edge now. HTC is disappointing now… =/

  4. Yeah… If HTC's going to ditch Boomsound for THINNES WHICH WE DONT FUCKING WANT!…. it can kiss a significant number of HTC Fans goodbye… might aswell buy LG G5 and use the DAC…

  5. HTC has always been the perfect phone.. their problem was the camera. It was so terrible, everyone just ran in fear.. If the m9 had an amazing camera performance that is close to the samsung nad lg one or even beyond, that wouldhave been my new phone.

  6. if the rumors are true and they remove boomsound, add a shitty physical button, and make the design iphone-esque, I'm leaving you HTC. sorry. I love my M8, but I'll need a new phone someday and i don't want to downgrade.

  7. I used to be a huge fan of HTC. But, they're just using and reusing old features that one could consider obsolete. In my opinion, HTC has went downhill from the M8s release. The things that kept people buying HTCs phones and supporting them, they are getting rid of. They tried to sell the M9 based on the fact that it had a feature on Sense that made it so your apps that you used one place would change based on what apps you used the most at another. Now that they may be removing the "boomsound" speakers. HTC better have something in mind to counteract that will appeal to the eye and make people say "I want that phone!". Kind of like how people are saying about the S7, S7 Edge and LG's G5, for example. I admire HTC for taking chances, but this isn't how you do it. I currently have the M8 which I loved until it never updated and Sense seemed to kind of ruin the experience of the phone. Which made me root the phone and flash a new ROM on it. I know it sounds petty to say, but this makes me want to make the switch to Samsung whenever the Note 6 comes out even more.

  8. The official HTC hints are out, which confirm a device that does not look like the A9 (thankfully!). Some claim to have seen the final phone and say that it does have BoomSound (and I hope it does), but we shall see. Keeping my fingers crossed and my money ready ;)

  9. Meh. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I don't see any innovation in this phone and that there is nothing that sets it apart from the other high end phones on the market. Don't get me wrong I like HTC as a brand but smartphones these days are really all the same, on the outside and in.

  10. Stereo front facing speakers are a major reason why I've been using the M9 and the M7 before it. Now that Samsung is bringing back expandable memory, I'll probably be getting an S7 this year. Sorry, HTC, but copying others isn't going to help you stand out. I really would liked to have seen what you could have come up with if you'd doubled-down on being UNlike everyone else.

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