HTC ONE M10 News Sepcs And Release Date

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9 Comments on HTC ONE M10 News Sepcs And Release Date

  1. I have the m7 and love it. but they have to keep the front facing stereo speakers or they will kill one of their biggest selling points. I passed on the m9 only because of the 810 chip and it's issues otherwise it was I think the best phone released in 2015

  2. I've had the M7, M8, and now M9 🙂 I would love to have the M10 but if HTC make serious changes to it i.e. longer battery life at least three days, full optical camera lens, two sim card slots, wireless charging, water and dust proof.. I know it's a lot to ask for :-)

  3. nah, 27 MP camera would be rubbish. all they need is to OS the current one and improve software. some of the best dslr's out still have less than that…what would they want to state by 27 MP? nonsense. Samsung/lg have cameras figured out. I hope we will see a good device from HTC 2016. I was really pleased by the m8, but the camera killed it for me and now I'm still pleased with the lg g3, I didn't even want to buy the s6 'cuz of battery life…just waiting for a better camera on a HTC device. peace!

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