HTC One M10 leaked features review

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The HTC One M10 (aka HTC Perfume) is the next big thing for struggling HTC. With a brand new design said to be in the works and the best of Qualcomm’s processors, the Snapdragon 820, the One M10 is expected to be a beast. It will also hopefully fix HTC’s perpetual problems with camera quality. In terms of new features, it is said to run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a new version of HTC Sense. The One M10 is said to get unveiled in the beginning of April and it should arrive later on in May, later than both the Galaxy S7 and LG G5.

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38 Comments on HTC One M10 leaked features review

  1. HTC needs to release this phone ASAP if they want to compete with the Samsung GS7 and the LG G5. I don't expect HTC to sell more handsets than Samsung, but they could steal some potential buyers right now.

  2. tmobile has the s7. i am waiting until the m10 comes out or at least some that review it early before phone companies have them available before i make the bad choice like i did selling my m7 and getting an lg g3. phonearenas leaked picture looks way different than the actual leaked phone, so it doesnt look exactly like the iphone but the boomsound is gone……

  3. HTC always talking how they want to get ahead and they cut boom sound ??? Well that seals the deal for me I wont be buying htc. No boomsound No purchase HTC !!!

  4. Don't mess with the speakers HTC. I still think my M8 is the best phone, stay with the same design and dip it in gold. Put the optional fingerprint scan on the back embedded in the HTC logo. The I -Phone design that I'm seeing is not it. Don't screw this up for me HTC. I am riding with you guys on this one, I refuse to upgrade my M8 for any of these so called flagship phones that bring nothing innovative to the table, with those primitive back firing or bottom firing uni-speaker. HTC, I know you guys are in the laboratory cooking up some shit. Show us what you got!!!

  5. keep the no button design that m8 is famous for, obviously I'm talking about the front of the phone. Also, go for no bevel on the screen, improve the camera and you have the best phone for years to come. Can't forget external sd, 250 gb capacity.

  6. how about htc bringing back the design of htc one m8 but with a little tweak like the improve camera, remove the htc logo at the front replacing it with the back button, home button and multitasking button. Keeping the boom sound and if they really like a fingerprint sensor put it at the back.How hard was it htc????

  7. I'm in the market for anther phone and I passed on the M8 and I'm sad to say I'm going to pass on this POS. WTF HTC you are cloning and not innovating. I have passed on Samsung and iPhones because of your phone and now this crap, come on.

  8. Is this the best HTC can do? It's the same old crap as their previous efforts no wonder they ain't selling phones anymore. They are finished no more. 

  9. The M7 was the best phone HTC ever made, at least in terms of looks. I lost mine while traveling out of the country the years ago and i STILL miss it.

  10. I will 100% happily return to HTC from Samsung if HTC does at least the following for #powerof10: 1. Keep the dual front-facing speakers, memory card slot, and full-HD screen (or better), 2. Update the camera to compete with the likes of Sony Z5 and bring some type of water resistance.
    A new design would be nice, but it doesn’t need to be radical because the last few HTC’s have been the best looking phones to date (I prefer metal back to glass back), in my opinion. Other than the qualities mentioned above, assuming everything else is at least as good as those on the Samsung S7, I’m all in for HTC.

  11. i have a shitty used iphone at the moment and it keeps freezing and its legit broken and my dad still wont let me get a android phone. he hates any non apple phones except iphones break so easily!!!! he is so stupid.

  12. IMHO people simply need a good iphone alternative with android:
    A well calibrated needle sharp and BRIGHT! 1080p screen would be better than a dark qhd (it is bs that qhd is so much better, nobody is able to see any difference in real life only next to each other. All the iphones have much worse displays ("retina"? it's a joke) but they are well calibrated, BRIGHT! in the sun, and they are JUST GOOD ENOUGH for everything.) Thus the phone can be cheaper, uses less power to do the same things, can stay quick longer (I don't know why but android gadgets tend to slow down, but an old iphone 4 is still pretty quick) and more pleasing to the eye especially outdoors. Both the m8 and m9 have got pretty DARK screens unfortunately.
    A good battery is also very important or to have a slim case with a battery pack to it. A replacable battery is also a good option but with the aluminium body it is not too easy we know. The htc's are pretty good in batteries IMO.
    Having a 10-13 MPX camera with a nice f value and a big sensor size also with a OIS is perfect. (Just like the iphones again). The goal is to have nice pictures but I know that many people choose their cameras by the megapixel number:( The iphones are able to record a video in 720p in 240fps! It is double what the m9 can do. For somebody this is important.
    Having a good selfie camera might be important for many people. BTW a camera like the OPPO N1 was ingenious, but I don't know how reliable was that construction. A selfie with flash might be important for many people.
    4. software/ROMs
    Having regaular software updates is really important. I was very disappointed, when for my 2 year old Samsung Galaxy S3 itl (gt-i9300) Samsung decided not to release even 4.4 kitkat.
    Don't bother with special UI's. Who needs them? Nowadays any vanilla android knows a lot of the really important features.
    Having an sd-card slot is not too complicated, and it comes really handy, this was really good in the m8 and m9, don't remove it.
    a quick and accurate fingerprint scanner (nobody wants to be bothered with pin codes and such)
    The front speakers are so much better than all the other phones. Keep them there 🙂

    I AM NOT AN APPLE FAN, I AM AN ANDROID FAN. I just want that android users were as proud as apple users are. If a phone becomes slooooooower than a snail after a year, then it is not a good phone. Be able to remove bloatware and all the other stuff what samsung thinks it is important for me. I know what is important for me.

  13. If it looks anything like the A9 it will fail. M8 looked so much better. They should go to m8 m9 roots and focus on design refinement. What is up with manufacturers making uglier phones than before. Something tells me LG G5 will also be pretty ugly.

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