HTC One M10 First Review Internal 32 GB, 12MP camera, 4GB ram

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HTC one M10 design camera ram internal memory.First up, it looks like HTC is stepping up the resolution of its display, with a 2560 x 1440 pixels on a 5.1-inch display. That’s reported to be an AMOLED display, following the lead of the HTC One A9, which also moved from LCD to AMOLED with great results.
The thing that many will be interested in hearing about is the camera on the rear, arguably the area where HTC has struggled with recent devices. Venture Beat is reporting that it will feature a “12-UltraPixel resolution” camera.
UltraPixel is the name that HTC used for its camera on the HTC One M7, a 4-megapixel sensor that used larger pixels, hence the UltraPixel name. The UltraPixel sensor has appeared subsequently, particularly as the front camera on a number of devices, but if it’s moving up to 12-megapixels and preserving the 2.0µm size, then it’s a big deal.
The theory is that larger pixels can absorb more light and give better results. The Apple iPhone 6S, for example, has a…

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