HTC one M10 2016.Wow see this super phone!!

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HTC one m10 2016.We’ve pretty much seen everything there is to of the upcoming HTC 10. As you already know, HTC will be calling its next flagship, just HTC 10 and now they’re teasing something new.
HTC recently posted a teaser image on Twitter stating, “World First, World Class, Front and Back. You’ll see.” Apparently, the HTC 10 will have a new type of camera, a world first camera, both on the front and the back. At least, that’s what HTC is claiming.
Leaked renders don’t really show a dual-camera setup, but HTC could have done some other kind of magic that makes the camera awesome. Or the smartphone could use both the front and rear camera to record 360-degree videos. Nobody knows what’s coming. We’ll know soon enough, though, as it has been rumored that HTC will unveil the new phone on 19th April.

Update – March 13, 2016 – More HTC 10 renders have surfaced, this time showing a white front and even a Gold version. The next flagship from HTC is said to be…

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